The beauty of going to tropical vacation hotspots such as Bali, Koh Samui, and Phuket, is the experience of getting out on the water or under the water, (and in some cases, over the water) and discovering adrenaline-fueled action and great marine activities.

Some incredible water sports let you make a splash on holiday and promise fun, exciting, and fresh experiences, some of which you may not have even heard about:

Skipping On Water
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While you may not be able to walk on water, you may be able to do a hop, skip, and a jump instead with a low-impact water workout. The AquaSkipper was invented with fun and fitness in mind and the hydrofoil moves across the water like a bird…quite literally. Looking a little like a scooter, without the wheels, jumping causes the wings of the water sports gadget go up and down, creating lift and propelling riders forward.

The AquaSkipper jumps create real momentum with a spring in the hop that gives your muscles a training session on the water; an environmentally friendly way to enjoy the ocean without any noise or pollution either.

Underwater Flying
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Is it a bird? Is it a fish? Underwater flying is a relatively new and thrilling water sport that has the appeal of not needing too much in the way of skills. The Subwing takes adventurers under the water as they hold onto two wings which are pulled along by a boat. Subwing combines the beauty of diving with the thrill and speed of flying.

The two wings can be detached from each other too so that with a bit of practice it is possible to perform loops and acrobatic-style moves; 3D ocean mobility that enhances the in-the-water vacation experience.

The NautBoard is another fresh waters port innovation too. The water toy is towed underwater and can plunge to depths of 7 meters while it is also ideal for slowly gliding through the water close to the surface too.


The latest craze and ultimate experience in water sports are hydro flyings with a Flyboard that takes riders on an exhilarating journey over the water, on the water and under the water. Invented by French jet-ski champion Franky Zapata in 2012, the Flyboard attaches to your feet with a long hose connected to a jet ski.

The water propelled through the tube and powers the Flyboard, lifting watersport-lovers high into the air, over 35 foot. Here they can twist, turn, and spin with 360-degree maneuvers. With buoyancy to keep afloat, the board then flies down under the water for a dive below the surface before rising again; a flying, floating, and diving hoverboard-style roller-coaster of a ride in the water.

As if a somersaulting Flyboard was not innovative enough, the Flyboard Air is a jet-powered hoverboard that promises the “next generation of personal aviation” for future trips over the water.

Kite Surfing

Perhaps one of the most extreme water sports, kite surfing has the appeal of looking like one of the coolest too. A combination of surfing, flying a kite, wakeboarding, and some gymnastics thrown in, kite surfing is a marvel to watch and an adrenalin rush to try. The feeling of flying, surfing the waves, and riding in tune with the elements is intoxicating. This popular water sport is also a pretty amazing workout too, keeping muscles toned and bringing the body and the mind together as one, right at the moment.

Kite surfing or kite boarding inspires a sense of achievement as your skills improve and is a great activity to learn during a vacation when there is time to practice and get to grips with the power of the wind and the sea.

Surfing By Hand
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If you are a thrill-seeking bodysurfer, then Slyde encourages you to enjoy, “epic wave riding in the palm of your hand”, with their cool hand boards. A mini surfboard fits the hand and increases the circumference of the palm, meaning it is easier to catch waves, go faster, and catch a barrel.

Handboarding is designed to be pure, unadulterated fun and appeals to young water sports lovers and grown-ups who want to try a new type of bodysurfing. Even seasoned surfers can get a kick out of experiencing a wave from a whole new perspective. Handboards are a body workout too and connect you with the ocean.

Cool water sports on vacation in amazing beach destinations, such as the Thai islands of Koh Samui and Phuket or the stunning Indonesian island of Bali, can define your time away; a breath of fresh seaside air, sea-salt-cleansed skin and a joie de vivre that makes you feel as limitless as the ocean.