The Thai vacation hotspots of Phuket and Koh Samui promise a lovely climate at this time of year and in August, Bali has the least amount of rainfall. Boating, watersports, and beach lounging beckon, while evenings can be spent dining at gourmet restaurants after a swanky sundowner or two. The pace of life may be far more relaxed in these island idylls, yet each of these destinations promises new adventures and interesting events that are coming up or just launched.



Seasalt Dining Ritual

A tantalizing new seascape dining experience, with a dash of Japanese infusion”, Seasalt in Bali’s upmarket Seminyak is the must-dine seafood restaurant, after opening its doors in May 2017. A wonderful open kitchen, a grand oceanside residence-style eatery, and a gorgeous dining terrace right on the oceanfront; Seasalt is hip, sophisticated, and stunning.

The design and ambiance gives the feeling of being aboard an incredible yacht, while the seafood creations wow with a sea-salt baked white snapper signature dish presented beautifully. The magnificent sea-salt centrepiece is artistically designed while small hammers are used by diners to crack away a salty sourdough crust to reveal an appetizing dish that is part of the Seasalt ritual; a reflection of the centuries-old tradition of salt farming in Kusamba in Bali.

Underwater Yoga

Mix yoga movements and scuba diving with some Ayurvedic principles and what do you have? The unique concept of underwater yoga and the Zen Harmony Diving experience. Specialist techniques and equipment, meditative practices and experts in their field, the beauty of Samui’s marine wonderland is revealed in the best way possible, discovering a personal journey and exploring ocean conservation and inner consciousness.

The island of Bali is the ultimate destination in Thailand for marine adventures and underwater yoga adds a quirky element that is really about seeing a vacation as an opportunity to take the plunge and open your world with new and exciting experiences.


Koh Samui

Hard Rock is an Island Hit

It may have taken 25 years since it first arrived in Thailand to make its way to Samui, but Hard Rock has just opened with a branch on the island, bringing a lively dining and nightlife addition to the busy entertainment hub of Chaweng. The indoor seating promises a shaded and fun environment with a big terrace area outdoors too. Visitors can enjoy a café-bar-restaurant ambiance with an outdoor pool, private bar, and guest cabanas. Live music and entertainment with international acts features on a big outdoor stage too, giving the Hard Rock, its iconic identity known throughout the world.

Celebrity Samujana Samui

Samui has the charisma and movie-star good looks to attract A-list vacationers; many of who love the privacy, luxury, and incredible lifestyle of a secluded villa rental with a villa manager, infinity pool, and inspiring views. Proving that villa stays are hot is Golden Globe-winning British actor, Idris Elba who recently took a break from being a ‘Fighter’ and possibly before sipping a Martini, shaken not stirred, with an exclusive villa rental break at Samujana. The individually owned villa complex is close to Choeng Mon Beach on the island’s north-eastern coast. The Luxury Signature recently launched Villa Anavaya , a 6-bedroom luxury villa rental located in the estate. You can also check out Villa Hin for more choices.



Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival

Phuket’s beaches may have been attracting tourists for years, yet there is a fascinating culture and intriguing customs to discover here too. The Chinese influence in Phuket is clear, not only in the communities within Phuket but also the temples and the architecture. In September, one Chinese festival is Por Tor which is part of Buddhist and Taoist tradition. Held on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month, which in 2017 falls on September 5th, it is believed in Chinese culture that this is the day when ancestral spirits appear from their realm. Flowers, candles, and red cakes in the shape of turtles are offered up to make merit and as offerings to the ‘ghosts’. Visitors head to Seng Tek Bel Shrine in Phuket Old Town to experience these authentic and eye-catching rituals.


Phuket is a yachties destination and the climate, Andaman Sea conditions, as well as coastal breezes, make for bountiful boating experiences. Early in 2018, The Bay Regatta sets sail for another year of action-packed boating activities. With Phang Nga Bay and Krabi close by, Thailand is an established yachting destination and July sees the renowned Phuket Raceweek bring in international sailors in a five-day event of the highest calibre. Running for 14 years, getting involved with the social activities as a spectator could inspire a trip out on the blue waters with Phuket offering many yacht and boat charters, with luxury experiences on board. Later in the year, the Phuket Kings Cup Phuket Regatta ends the 2017 calendar in spectacular style adding to Phuket’s sophisticated, fun and social charm.