Experiencing a holiday with friends can bring you closer together and create happy memories for years to come. However, for a villa holiday with friends to become worthwhile, following a plan of action before you go may be necessary to ensure everyone feels happy, comfortable, and in tune.


Get a good group mix

The holiday group dynamic is one of the most vital factors of vacationing with friends. Do old friends and new friends get on? What about the ratio of couples and singletons? Is anybody likely to feel out of step with the group or is there a friend you love who would drive you to distraction on holiday? Compatibility is key.


Find the best villa

Do not just take for granted that everybody has the same idea of what luxury is. Sun worshippers might be all about balconies, terraces, and salas, while active types may view a fully-equipped gym as a basic essential. Do all the rooms match each person and are there any special requirements? Book in advance then you can all look forward to your stay. Related: Choosing the Right Luxury Villa for Your Holiday


Work out time, travel, and budgets

You want your holiday to be long enough to really relax into the luxury vacation spirit, but not so long that you tire of the group energy. Work out when and how you will travel, and for how long, and then talk about budgets for whilst you are away. How will you split costs during your stay and do you all have roughly the same holiday spend in mind?


Know what you all want before you go

Do you see your villa stay as a chance to recharge your batteries or do you want to explore the destination and really see and do as much as possible? Communicate what you want from the holiday before you go so there are no misunderstandings or unrealistic expectations.


Focus on shared interest

If you all enjoy coming together for sundowners and a fabulous al fresco dinner each evening then make the most of this time. You may all have separate interests, but there does need to some crossover so that you can bond and share the holiday experience as a group.


Be independent and sociable

There is nothing wrong with doing your own thing and sitting quietly with a good book by the pool. In fact, with any group holiday, space is needed. However, prepare to be sociable too as group holidays are about coming together and are not conducive to creating a Zen-like retreat. The best part about renting a private luxury villa versus staying at a hotel is that most of them are designed where everyone can have privacy while being all in the same place.


Be active

As well as meeting other people and gaining new experiences, being active can energize you individually and as a group. It might be good to chat with friends, but being involved in an activity can enable you to bond without having to over-talk. Activities add laughter, fun, and interest into your day, creating happy memories to reminisce about for years to come.


Be accepting of others

In your own home, you may be the head, but villa holidays with friends require compromise and acceptance of individual differences. Rather than seeing this as a negative, regard it as a freedom-inducing positive. It is great to let go sometimes and understand that your way is not always the way.


Set rules with kids

Holidays with kids can either create chaos or be richly rewarding depending on how they are handled. Make sure that there is a designated adult in charge and some consensus on what the kids are doing and when. Set mealtimes and activities frees up adult time too. At home, parents are in control and a group holiday may require a loosening of this authority whilst keeping safety and enjoyment on the agenda. Related: How to Make Villa Holidays Special for Kids


Holidays with friends can bring you closer together and strengthen relationships. It can also teach you about yourself and broaden your horizons. You can create a unique experience that is far different than what you would have as a couple or with your family and a wonderful way to value friendships.