With the rising trend of people living in style these days, there is an equally increasing number of travel and lifestyle blogs found online which offer engaging content and valuable information. Some of them are more outstanding than others regarding design and well-thought content aimed to capture those that enjoy the luxurious and affluent lifestyle.

In no particular order, here is a list of ten best luxury travel and lifestyle blogs and websites that you would want to check out right now and save for future reference.

  1. A Luxury Travel Blog

The name says it all. A Luxury Travel Blog is, of course, a luxury travel blog! It is one of the longest-running online travel page that offers incredibly rich information and industry updates which as a traveler, you can always rely on. Although the design of the blog is somewhat old fashion, its simple style allows the blog to load its pages at the fastest speed.

  1. Luxuo

Luxuo boasts a travel blog with a sophisticated look. It covers many interesting categories revolving around upscale lifestyle and more. There are sections like travel, most expensive hotels, or even who’s who among rich people! Not only does this blog have an edgy design, but it is also easy to navigate from page to page. Each section has its landing page where you find topics that you like easily by just skimming through the pages.

  1. JustLuxe

If you love the good old feeling of reading a magazine, JustLuxe might just be the perfect site for you. This blog covers many areas of interest such as lifestyle, travel, fashion, and automobiles. When you move your cursor over these sections, the drop down menu will show you a suggested story that you can read through.  

Another highlight of this site is its info-rich feature where you can find numerous sources of luxury information accompanied by stunning photos. Each category comes with a landing page, and this makes navigation easier and more entertaining.

  1. Truly Classy

Dedicated primarily to luxury travel and lifestyle, Truly Classy comes with a clean and elegant design. This digital magazine website, and blog at the same time, focuses on featuring the finest luxury villas & homes, yachts, jets, hotels, and resorts of the world. There is also a section that is open for listing high-end businesses and people in the industry. It is easy to navigate in this blog as the template is of the minimalistic style.

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  1. Mrs. O Around The World

This professional luxury travel blogger, Ana Silva O’Reilly, is the one behind this amazing blog. Unlike most of other travel blogs that usually utilize black color to exude the idea of elegance, Mrs. O’s blog uses a blue color background in communicating enjoyable yet luxury travel experiences. Her blog is easy to navigate despite the heaps of graphics that are very user-friendly.

  1. Luxury Columnist

This pretty luxury blog is London-based yet it features content about other destinations as well. Luxury Columnist offers content on travel, dining, fashion, beauty, and interiors. The lady who owns this blog is a specialist in anything London. In fact, she has another blog category called My London. The design of this lovely blog is clean and elegant with a charming feminine touch.    

  1. The Luxury Editor

The Luxury Editor features a neat, clean design that allows you to navigate from one page to the other quite easily. Content on this luxury blog is restricted to these four categories: Hotels; Destinations; Lifestyle; and News. Under the hotel section, you will find several hotel reviews complete with photos. If you want to be updated with the this-and-that’s of luxury travel, just hit the news section.

  1. The Luxe Insider

The Luxe Insider comes with pages that look modern yet stunningly elegant. This blog offers four distinct categories: Destinations, Hotel Reviews, Airline Reviews, and Lifestyle. The highlight of the website is its informative reviews of airlines and hotels filled with practically helpful facts and eye-catching graphics.

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  1. Carmen’s Luxury Travel

Carmen’s luxury travel blog is comprosed of several interesting categories. A notable feature of the blog is that it categorizes luxury travel into five sections: Airlines, Cruises, Hotels, Tours, and Trains. This makes it easier for readers to find what they are looking.  

  1. The Cultureur

The Cultureur offers a good number of sections, and sometimes readers will find it hard to deciding where to begin with. But as the name suggested, this blog provides a lot of interesting information on things that will help you become a more cultured human being. Some sections cover everything about travel including hotel reviews, travel tips, books, and films or even proverbs from around the world!

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