Whenever someone is looking at a house, villa, apartment or piece of property of any kind, one of the most helpful assets they can have at their disposal is a floor plan. The floor plan is a very simple yet massively useful document which gives an accurate representation of the building and its rooms and dimensions. This allows anyone who is potentially interested in buying or staying in the property to know at a glance exactly what is on offer and if it suits their needs. Here’s a sample layout of a villa floor plan for your reference.

While plenty is often said about the importance of a floor plan for matters related to buying real estate, in the world of villa rental the floor plan is perhaps a little bit less appreciated. How helpful and important providing a floor plan can be for the success of your villa?

Showcasing the Villa in a More Accurate & Technical Manner

Villa owners are always being told the massive importance of properly showcasing their villas to the world. Glossy brochures, expensive websites, video marketing and even interactive tours are all used by owners and agents to show off the villa to potential guests. As great as these tools might be at giving guests an image of the villa itself and convey something of its atmosphere, it can be hard to get an actual sense of the layout of the villa and an understanding of how it is set up from a series of photos, videos, and glamorous descriptions.

The floor plan cuts through the ambiguity by providing what is in many ways an exacting engineer drawing of the building. Leaving nothing to question, potential guests can easily consult the floor plan and immediately know precisely what they are signing up for. On a website, a floor plan can even be turned into an interactive display which allows for a combination of the precision of displaying an exacting floor plan which can be clicked on to produce a multimedia display of the selected room or area.

Grabbing their Attention

Studies have shown that when shopping for property, potential buyers spend way more time looking at listings which provide a floor plan compared to those that do not. A similar effect surely exists in the realm of the villa rental: the floor plan provides relevant and useful details about the villa, attracts the attention of potential guests by inviting them to examine the house and its layout, and showcases the professionalism and attention to detail of the villa owner for providing the floor plan.

Experience Travelers Require It

For many experienced travelers who know exactly what they’re looking for, consulting a floor plan can often be the first step on the quickest route to determining if a villa meets their standards or not. Don’t waste peoples time by making them click through endless photo galleries – jump straight to the point! Show them what you’ve got and be proud of your villa from the floor plan up.

Where to Display it?

To get the most from including a floor plan in your website, make sure it is in a prominent location such as the header menu or footer menu section. If it is squirreled away somewhere, no one will click on it, it might not be important at all. But if it is well put together and well displayed, most likely, people will click on it.