Phuket is often seen as a tropical paradise. The island has what it takes to be a world-class destination, from beautiful powdery white sandy beaches, luxurious hotels and resorts, high-end private estates and luxury villas, to exotic tropical sensual lifestyles. Having an image as one of the most expensive islands in Thailand, Phuket seems to lack of the mass transportation system. But that is not a problem because you can still enjoy hopping around the island by these transportations ranging from the luxury kind to the local style.

#1. Private Car

If you know the roads so well or you have a marvelous GPS system, travelling by private car is sure the best option. Unfortunately, most of tourists do not possess those qualities and having a private car in a foreign country for just your holiday doesn’t seem to be a good investment. This option will be best suit for those who reside in Thailand or if you know someone or a friend who owns a car that you can borrow. Having a private car is still one of the easier ways to travel around and cause you less trouble finding a ride every time you decide to head out somewhere.

#2. Rental car

Rental car, so far, is the most affordable and convenient way to travel in Phuket. It allows you to set and change your schedule freely. Plus it brings less trouble to you regarding dealing with other parties such as taxi drivers. You don’t even have to worry about getting lost as most of the car rental companies in Phuket will offer a car with updated GPS gadget – It is proven to work very well.

There are many car rental companies available at the Phuket airport. You can choose from the local ones to the international brands – it is up to you.

#3. Limousine

If you want to travel in style with a private chauffeur in a fancier car, then limousine service might suit your lifestyle. The best thing about limo service is privacy – You don’t have to deal with troublesome issues like bargaining rates, scamming and staff’s bad manners. There are many kinds and ranks of limousine service in Phuket – from those with uniform and hat calling you Madam and Sir to somewhat more practical family-like service but still professional.

You can find the limo service at your accommodation either it is a hotel or a private villa. It is likely that the accommodation you stay will have contract with these professional limousine at your service.

#4. Taxi

One of the best ways to commute on the island is definitely by taxi. This is because taxi offers local drivers which know the island best. So wherever you want to go you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Phuket does not have taxi metre system, so in the past, all taxi fares are based on negotiation or estimation. However, recently, due to government order, taxi stands have now fixed rates based on the distance or destination.

#5. Motorbike

It is very common for Phuket islanders to travel by bikes. This is because it is easy to move around and also to park anywhere. For tourists it is a bit challenging to travel in motorbike, especially in a foreign place which might have different traffic rules from your own country. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it is very convenient and fun to commute on a bike. Just imagine riding on a bike on the tropical island where you can take in the sea breeze and sunshine along the way, isn’t it a bliss?

We will have to warn you that if you are not a hardcore motorbike driver, you shouldn’t take it as your main transportation. It is ok to hop from your accommodation to a convenient store or restaurant nearby. But going on to the main road might be too risky for you.

#6. Tuk-Tuk

Tuk Tuk usually means tricycle motorbike in Thailand. However, Tuk Tuk in Phuket is a bit different. Tuk Tuk in Phuket can accommodate up to 6 persons and it is considered one of the local public transports available on the island. Tuk Tuk service is available for short distance which you will have to share with others and pay small amount of fees (around 40 THB to 100 THB).

However, if you would like to hire it to go somewhere, is also possible which the price that largely depends on your ability of negotiation.

#7. Song-Taew

You might be confused by the term, but Song-Taew is like a bus in a shape of a big truck. This transportation is also considered one of the very few shared public transportation in Phuket. The good thing about Song-Taew is its cheap rate and a local touch. However, Song-Taew is slow as it needs to make so many stops and it has to go on the longer route in order to cover the community areas around the island.

So if you are not in a hurry and would like to see how locals live and travel in each day, Song-Taew is a good option. But if you have few time on your vacation, we suggest you to stay away from this transportation.