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The natural wonders of Phuket’s beautiful landscape and the breath taking views offered by the Andaman sea, combined with some of the finest luxury resorts and luxury villa rentals and holiday homes ever constructed, has attracted people from all walks of life. Ever increasing in popularity as a highly glamorous vacation spot, Phuket has drawn billionaires, celebrities, super models, rock stars, businessmen, luxury connoisseurs and anyone with a desire to experience intense natural beauty and luxury living.

As attractive as Phuket would be by itself, the incredibly hospitable culture of Thailand adds an extremely inviting dynamic to the appeal of Phuket. Informally known as the “Land of Smiles,” Thai culture is world renown for their friendliness and hospitality to tourists and locals alike. As if to compliment the incredible surroundings, the people of Thailand exude a warmth and welcoming character which has made Thailand so desirable as a destination for vacation and relaxation.

Over the last 25 years, Phuket has seen an incredible explosion in popularity. Becoming recognized as an incredible showcase of natural beauties, combined with the warm, welcoming culture of Thailand, Phuket has experienced a huge wealth of development in luxury destinations, social infrastructure and more. Today, the luxury villas which line Phuket’s coasts and hillsides are some of the most luxurious dwellings and most brilliant achievements of architecture ever realized. These luxury homes and residences are the perfect compliment the lifestyle offered by the surrounding natural wonders and ideal climate.

The picturesque Andaman Sea is an omnipresent feature of Phuket. Warmed by the year long tropical climate, the large expanses of beautiful beaches and coast line are accessible and hospitable year round. Despite its increasing popularity, Phuket still manages to maintain its aura of a private tropical paradise.

An incredible location for boating and water sports, the coasts of Phuket provide a great stage for relaxing on a yacht or zipping by on a jet ski. For those looking for a bit of social excitement, Phuket offers wonderful restaurants, bars, clubs, spas, resorts, golf courses and much more. All of these amazing opportunities are available, but with such incredible dwellings, many may find themselves content to being a recluse in their own private luxury suite. Every detail of fine living has been executed to the highest degree.