Songkran Festival is the most famous event in Thailand. The festival is annually held during 13 – 15 April which falls on the hottest month of the year.  Most of the people know Songkran for the notable water fight, but this Thai New Year event has more to that.

Songkran Day is considered to be the longest holidays in Thailand. This time of the year, Thai people will go back to their hometown to the reunion with their family – it is somewhat like Christmas to Thais.

How Do Locals Celebrate Songkran?

Apart from the well-known water battle, locals will head back home to pay respect to elders including their parents, grandparents and even elders in the community that they respect. They will perform the water pouring on to elders and ask them for blessing.

Mostly, during the first day of Songkran, Thais will go to the temple to make merit and bathing Buddha images which Thai people believe that it is a way to refresh and cleanse things during the New Year.

After the morning tasks are done, it is time for the water fight.

What to Prepare for the Songkran Battle?

First of all you need your “equipment” to be ready for the fight.

1. Water Gun

If your plan is to roam around from street to street, we highly suggest a water gun. These days there are hundreds of models available everywhere even in 7-11 – convenient store – so grab one for your fight.

It is not mandatory, but it is sure necessary to wear one in order to get into the spirit of Songkran. If you have no ideas what it looks like, we suggest you to observe from staff working in malls, shops and convenient stores during Songkran time and you will know what we mean.

3. Water Powder

You might have to check in advance if the area you will be enjoying Songkran forbids participants to use water powder or not. Some of the areas might, especially the city centre zone, as there are many harassing cases going on.

4. Hat and Sealed Plastic Bag

These are items you will need when you are under the scorching sunlight all day and if you need to be able to communicate with your friends then sealed plastic bag will be very important where you can put your important belongings such as some cash and mobile phone.


Famous Spots for Songkran

Even this 3-day event is a nationwide festival, Songkran has some highlight spots to celebrate Songkran festival in Thailand where people will head to these venues, including:

1. Bangkok

Bangkok plays a famous host for Songkran every year. The most well-known venues are Khaosan Road where the roads and alleys will be temporary close during the 3-day event. Another spot is Silom Road where it is easier for visitors to travel there by using MRT or BTS.

2. Chiang Mai

On Koo Muang is one of the most famous Songkran spots in Thailand. Each year during the festival, Bangkokian has to migrate there just to enjoy the taste of Songkran in this northern province.

3. Phuket

If you are one of those think-outside-the-box people, Songkran on the beach in Phuket should be your answer. While you can enjoy the water festival, you can also participate in Songkran too. Phuket will hold Songkran on the beach during 13-15 April on Patong Beach. Most luxury hotels and resorts in Phuket also hold their own celebration of the Songkran festival. So if you’re staying at one, there’s no need to go to other spots as it will be just as fun. Other ways of celebrating it are to invite friends and families at one of the luxury villas in Phuket and have your own private Songkran celebration.