Songkran Festival is the traditional New Year celebration of Thailand that happens yearly from 13th to 15th of April. It is mainly celebrated in a fun-filled way by sprinkling water on each other along with paying respect to the images of Buddha. Here are the amazing major cities and islands in Thailand where you can best celebrate the biggest and most fun water festival in the world. Get your water guns ready!


#1 Bangkok

Over thousands of cheerful Thais and tourists carry things that can spray water, packing the 5km street in Silom on two levels. Sacred celebrations take place at Sanam Luang and an image of Buddha is brought from the National Museum that is escorted along the roads to sprinkle water on. The Phra Pradaeng district celebrates a more traditional Songkran with the Thai-Raman communities living out their Songkran traditions. A Beauty contest, “Miss Songkran” is organized in the Wisutkasat area. Fun activities, merit-making and a parade accompany the contest. For those who love the idea of being soaked in water from head to toe right in the middle of a crazy party, it is best to head towards the Khao San Road.


#2 Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Festival enriches religious intentions and is truly different, with a deeper meaning apart from the fun-filled activities. Young people show their respect to their elders by pouring lovely fragrant water on their palms, women clean their houses and wish for happy vibes. Bathing and procession of Phra Buddha Sihing are done as well as Lanna women ride a Kang Chong procession. Everyone builds pretty sand pagodas and local cultural shows, as well as beauty contests, are organized. Water splashing is a great activity around Chiang Mai’s moat and delicious international food is enjoyed along the Urban Culture Street. Chiang Mai holds the biggest and most popular Festival parade.


#3 Phuket

The best time to visit the place is during the festival week of Phuket Songkran. The place that is the craziest to participate in Songkran in Phuket is the centre of hedonism, Bangla Road in Patong. The Beach Road comes as an all messy place to get splashed and splash others. The streets are full of pickup trucks with ice-cold water beds. Water warriors straf and splash the people who line the road shooting back.


#4 Hua Hin

Hua Hin works as a marvelous place for celebrating Songkran with its beautiful sand sculptures at the beach house retreat, which are particularly breathtaking in the evening. One must be ready to get soaked while walking around the place. Even the police keep walkie-talkies and guns safe from the water while they come in for particular attention. Though the festival lasts for three days, the water throwing is mainly restricted to one day in Hua Hin, which is 13th April.


#5 Koh Samui

Songkran is a highlight of the event calendar and is taken quite seriously in Koh Samui. An overload of fun, amazing to experience up close and without reservation. The festival takes place in the hottest period of Samui. Buckets, hoses as well as gallon drums are the likely weapons and everyone roams the streets enthusiastically all day from the beds of pickup trucks. Coloured talcum powder also enters the mix along with Tiger Balm being added sometimes. A swimsuit or bikini is fine with other clothes on top for women, whereas shorts and a T-shirt are ideal for men.