Phuket offers an entirely different adventure to its visitors where culture, nature, and beautiful people blend together to create a unique experience that only the island can provide. Whether you are a tourist or someone who just moved to the island, to get insider and first-hand information on all things about Phuket, here are the top 3 Phuket blogs (in no particular order) that you may find useful:

#1 –

This blog is a compilation of over 20 years of Phuket exploration by blog writer and travel photographer Willy Thuan. A French national, Willy has lived in Thailand since 1994, and has continuously explored the island of Phuket, together with Faa – a Bangkok-born and London-educated local.

With a passion for photography, Willy and Faa created the blog to feature all the best things about Phuket. If they experienced anything unpleasant, they simply won’t write about it on the blog – which means everything you’ll see here are all the great things that make the island spectacular.

The blog is basically a photo blog, but, of course, with relevant content on the attractions and activities on the island. There are no ads and no sponsorships on the site, making the blog very easy to read and navigate.

Among the features of the blog are information about the Phuket airport, Phuket map, weather, travel tips and FAQ about the island, top 10 lists, quirky lists such as silly things to do in Phuket and girly things to do, as well as posts about the best attractions and a short guide to the 35 beaches on the island. Visit the blog at

#2 –

The owner and writer of the blog is Jamie Monk – an English national who traveled the world and eventually settled in Phuket in 1999. A graduate of Forensic Science, Jamie manages a dive shop called Sunrise Divers and writes as a hobby. He is married to a local of Phuket and now has 2 kids.

The blog is an overload of information of all things Phuket – if you want to know just about anything about the island, you’ll surely find it in this blog. It covers everything there is to know about visiting or living on the island – from luxurious living as an ex-pat, to budget holidays for backpackers – the blog is a smorgasbord of all things Phuket. Go to to read the blog.

Jamie writes the features from his very own first-hand experiences so you really get a personal look at each of the places, events, and the establishment he features. He writes about anything under the sun in Phuket, from his recommended hotels to the best beaches, to the top viewpoints and hills, to the top temples to visit, to restaurants, and even the countless festivals that occur each year around the island.

#3 –

This Phuket travel guide is managed by AsiaWebDirect – which is a leading online travel company operating in Asia since 1993. AsiaWebDirect has been providing travelers with all the necessary information and tools needed to make their Asian holiday smooth and unforgettable. They offer great deals on hotels, tours and offer a 24/7 multilingual phone support.

For their Phuket venture, serves as an online magazine about all the great things about the island. You can book a hotel (from the most luxurious resort in Phuket to the budget ones) through the site, get to compare hotel prices and get insider information about all the great things to do and see.

Among the features, you can find at the site are top 10 lists of the best resorts, hotels, attractions, things to do, nightlife, tattoo shops, shopping, and just everything under the sun. Geared towards the Phuket tourist, this site is the best Phuket blog for anyone who’s planning on having a vacation in the beautiful island. Visit for more.

For the best photos of Phuket and the top places to explore, is the best blog for you. If you want to know what it’s like to live on the island as an ex-pat, then is a must-read. And if you want to have the best Phuket holiday with the best deals on hotels and establishments, then is definitely the site to visit.

For the most discerning travelers who are looking for a luxurious holiday stay to Phuket, visit our Phuket luxury travel guide for tips, guide, and other information about the island.