Ready to embark on an ultimate private luxury retreat? If you’ve booked a beautiful luxury villa, you’re in store for a huge host of amenities to make every moment of your stay a delight. Aside from whatever vacation plans you might have, the villa offers an extra, enticing element to add to your vacation: privacy, relaxation, seclusion within luxury.

While the minimum stay at most villas is 3 nights, considering the amount of amenities they are equipped with (and account for other vacation plans,) we recommend a stay of 5 days or more, just to take in all of the exciting possibilities and get the most from your trip and holiday investment.

What can you do to get the very most out of your stay at a luxury villa? Here are some of the many activities available that you can do, without the need of leaving the villa:

Take a Plunge in the Pool

Any villa worth its salt will be equipped with a beautiful swimming pool. These elegant bodies of water are perfect for getting some exercise or lounging leisurely in the tropical sun. Go for a swim, entertain the kids with a pool party, or get a tan while splashing around! Even if you fancy a night swim, many pools are equipped with lights capable of providing adequate illumination or a captivating multi-colored light show.

Relax or Enjoy Your Favorite Book on the Sun Bed

Of course, if your goal is to get a perfect tan in no time flat, sitting poolside is not quite optimal. Instead you can enjoy the benefits of the tanning beds – reflective surfaces designed for ergonomics and reflectivity to provide a comfortable resting to get a great tan. Sit back with a novel, or just enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin and the refreshing breeze.

Wake Up Early to Enjoy the Sunrise

Take in the beautiful spectacle which Nature puts before us daily – if only we got out of bed in time to see it! Your destination, especially if it is tropical, is likely to be the home of some spectacular fireworks every morning as the sun arises, banishing away the darkness to illuminate the Earth with that peculiar character of morning light: colors which stay hidden for the rest of the day take on an exciting vivid didsplay as the morning asserts itself.

Watch the Beautiful Sunset Display

Maybe waking up before dawn isn’t your cup of tea – fortunately, sunset provides us with another opportunity to take in the beauties of Sol as it descends below the horizon. Perhaps you will even have a view of the ocean and a chance to observe the rare Green Flash as the sun is swallowed beneath all that azure blue.

Turn on Some Music

Luxury villas come equipped with stellar high quality sound systems. In just about any room of the house you can rock out to your favorite MP3’s, set a relaxing mood with some smooth jazz or bust a move to your favorite dance tunes. You might even be lucky enough to have a pool equipped with a sound system! Enjoy the underwater acoustics, maybe with a nighttime swim and LED light show to really kick things up a notch.

Watch a Movie in Your Private Cinema Room

If you’ve ever wanted to see your favorite movie in a completely private theater, now is your chance. Take in the awesome surround sound and larger-than-life picture while lounging in comfort and style.

Do Yoga & Meditation

Luxury villas are built on some of the worlds most beautiful real estate. These impeccably serene locations make a truly awe-inspiring backdrop for the relaxing practices of yoga and meditation. Let your mind run free and refresh yourself with a mediation session, or get a fantastic stretch and relieve some stress and tension with your favorite yoga positions.

Dine at the Villa

Your villa will likely play host to a world-class chef, versed in cuisines local and exotic. Instead of heading out to eat, you can enjoy superb dishes without ever leaving your villa. Enjoy a meal in the outdoor dining area to catch the sunset, or have a more traditional family meal indoors with an elegant fine setup.

Enjoy a Massage & Spa Treatment

Many villas are equipped with their own spa facilities, allowing you to get the complete spa treatment from within the villa grounds. Even if your villa doesn’t have a dedicated spa or on-staff spa therapist, a masseuse or masseur can easily be hired for a day of pampering!

Workout at Your Own Gym

If you are up for an active retreat, the private gym is truly a haven for fitness. If you are normally shy going to a public gym, this is your chance to get more engage with your workout routine in your own private gym. It is a great opportunity for infrequent gym goers to familiarize themselves with equipment and techniques. Or the dream of an avid gym-goer: your own private exercise wonderland!

Use and Take Advantage of Other Available Facilities

There are many more amenities you will find depending on which villa is selected. You might have an exciting round of tennis or basketball in villas which provide courts, or take a jetski or parasailing ride if you’re located beachfront, maybe spar a few rounds in a boxing ring if your gym includes one. You may even have access to your own miniature golf course.

Almost every villa also includes some form of entertainment room – decked out with TV’s, video games, computers, even air hockey, billiards or foosball tables. Many games rooms also incorporate a kids area for the little ones. 

Discover Even More!

Each villa is unique and its guests will be lucky enough to discover a few perks of staying there which no where else can quite replicate. Find out what a luxury villa has in store for you on your next vacation. Check out our finest collection of luxury villas in top 3 destinations in Asia – luxury villas in Phuket – luxury villas in Koh Samui – luxury villas in Bali.

FEATURED IMAGE: Taken from the infinity pool at luxury Villa Akatsuki in Koh Samui