Updated on May 16, 2024

A holiday to Koh Samui, may not be as complete without a visit to a local shop or street shopping for souvenirs. Here’s our list of where you can go for shopping around the island of Samui:

Central Festival Samui

This is one of the largest and most complete shopping locations in Koh Samui. This huge shopping mall is strategically located in a prime resort town of Samui Island – Chaweng Beach. With state of the art facilities, the Central Festival Samui is magnificently designed to match the current trends, but keeping the island or tropical atmosphere. Some of the features in this mall include kids playground, restaurants, food court, well-landscaped locations, and a central open-air atrium.

Chaweng Walking Street

This is one of the most colorful and exciting locations to do your shopping. One cannot help but marvel at the wide array of beautiful colors that pared the streets. If you are looking for allocation that is budget friendly, Chaweng Walking Street is the place you need to go. You can easily haggle your way to a desired price for items that include watches, lamps, jeans, flip flops, swim wears, and souvenirs among other items.

Fisherman’s Village Walking Street

If you are looking for some local shopping adventure, the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street is the perfect shopping spot for you. This lively market is normally held on every Friday from 1700 hours to 2200 hours. It takes place along the colorful street of Bophut by the beach. This local shopping location is a famous tourist attraction that offers one with the opportunity to enjoy amazing local delicacies and get a chance to acquire rare souvenirs. All these things combined will make your entire shopping experience to be worth remembering.

Bophut Plaza

Photo: kohsamui.com

This shopping spot is located along Bophut’s main street. It is home to a collection of boutiques and shops that offer an array of merchandize. At this location, you cannot fail to notice some of the knockoff brands in the world. Other things that you will never miss on this plaza include a magnificent art shop that has great works done by K. Piti, beautiful wall hangings, and embroidered cotton.

Lamai Night Plaza

This local night bazaar is a favorite spot for night lovers. This bazaar offers the buyer an opportunity to buy locally made fans and goods. In addition, this location has a food center café and pub in the side where you can take your time and enjoy the warm night atmosphere as you shop around. Some of the rare artifacts and souvenir found in this pristine location can double up as a tourist attraction.

Mainam Walking Street

It is one of the loveliest and interesting shopping locations in Samui. This location is perfect for a noisy family experience. However, Thursday is one of the most challenging days to visit since it is a market day. During these days, one might find it difficult to get a parking location. Moreover, this street does not fall short of snack vendors, stalls offering arrays of merchandise and the mobile cocktail bars for those who would love to hang out and drink.

Featured Image by mami-eggroll.com