There are many things that are great about Bali. But to cover all of them, that would mean writing a book. Below, we’ve gathered some of the best things about this beautiful island, also known as ‘The Island of Gods’. Discover Bali and you’ll be amazed at how many wonderful things this small island could offer to its visitors.

#1 Colorful, Spiritual, and Unique Culture

Bali is famous for its vibrant, colorful and unique culture. These cultural rituals and festivals originated in ancient times and some are still followed to this day. One can partake of these cultural offerings by visiting the famous temples and watching the temple dances. If you are lucky you can get to watch the famous Kecak, Legong or Barong dances held on special occasions.

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#2 World Class Beaches

Palm fringed coasts with white sand are standard in the south, while the beaches in the northern part of Bali have black sand, not seen anywhere else. The black sand is thought to be volcanic in origin. But black sand or white, Bali’s beaches now welcome visitors with an array of superb accommodations with world class facilities.

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#3 Beautiful Landscape of Hills and Mountains

The beautiful hills and mountains of central Bali are famous for their art, culture, lakes and temples. Some of the important towns are Bedugul, famous for its botanical gardens and the Ulun Danu Bratan temple and Ubud, famous for its monkey forest and a large array of arts and crafts shops.


#4 Sunset

Spectacular sunsets are among the best attractions of Bali. At the sunset hour, the sky turns golden, orange and then purple. It is a magical moment to see the sun as it sinks into the sea. One can either watch the sunset from a secluded place, or from an upscale bar over a couple of drinks, Bali has all the options available.


#5 Temples

The temples in Bali are famous for their carvings, murals, statues and frescoes which depict the life and times of the past. Most famous are the temples of Pura Besakih, Pura Gunung Kawi, Tanah Lot, Tirta Empul, to name a few.


#6 Water Activities

Water activities in Bali include surfing, snorkeling, diving and dolphin watching. Also included are parasailing and white water rafting. Equipment is available for hire at reasonable rates and there are guides who help to conduct these events.


#7 Indonesian Food

Rice is the staple food and a typical Indonesian meal would include steamed rice with two or three curried dishes comprising of fish, chicken, beef or vegetables. Fruits are served for dessert, along with sweets made from rice flour, coconut and sugar.


#8 Lush Green Rice Fields & Terraces

Rice is the staple food in Bali and the rice is grown here all year around. The slopes have been terraced to facilitate cultivation and not an inch of land is wasted. The verdant green rice terraces are a sight to behold in the growing season.

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#9 Luxury Villas & Vacation Homes

There’s a wide range of Bali luxury villas available for the discerning traveller. You can expect a warm Balinese welcome, fully air conditioned suites, maid and butler services, a well equipped modern kitchen, and round the clock security. A swimming pool, well maintained gardens, a state of the art entertainment system and internet connectivity are the other facilities available.

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#10 Golf Courses

Though there are four or five golf courses in Bali, the facilities are amazing. The Bali National Golf Club has been recognized as one among the top five golf courses in Asia. Similarly, the other courses too, offer excellent amenities and more and more visitors are planning their golfing holidays here.


#11 Five-star Hotels and Resorts

There are numerous five star hotels in Bali, providing world class facilities for both business and leisure. Resorts are also plentiful and they too offer a range of services like spas, meditation centers, nature health treatments and rejuvenation therapies.


#12 Shopping and Party

There are various shops selling everything from souvenirs, clothes and handicrafts, meant for the tourists. Bargaining is common and is considered the norm if you shop in the streets. Parties are held in restaurants, hotels, resorts and beach clubs. Bali is indeed a great place to relax and have a fun at the same time.

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