Enjoying the amazing tropical sunsets and beautiful blue sky and sea in Phuket may end up in vain if you don’t do a little research about the weather and the best time to go to this beautiful island, before booking anything for that dream vacation.

The best period to go to Phuket is between the months of December and March because at this time of year the sky is the clearest, the sea is calm and the breeze is pleasant. This is the peak season. However, there is a disadvantage – the prices. Accommodations like hotels and private villas and pretty much almost everything is at its highest rates during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The beaches in Phuket may be the fullest until February.

Tourists who don’t mind having a mix of rainy and sunny days could go to Phuket from June to August. April and May are the hottest months. The temperature in the hottest period can reach up to 35-40 degrees celsius. At the end of the hot season, Thailand is celebrating the Songkran Festival for three days. The tropical monsoon climate of the island brings three different weather patterns: dry, hot or rainy. When the weather is hot, make sure your accommodation has air conditioning or a swimming pool to cool down.

The wettest months in Phuket are September and October. The best thing about these months is that everything is more affordable. Predicting Phuket weather and the best time to travel cannot be one hundred percent accurate, just as it can’t be in any other place. Tourists who are checking the weather forecasts online and weather apps should be aware that they usually present the most pessimist weather. If there is rain shown for a few days, it doesn’t mean that it will rain continuously, or that it will be a severe thunderstorm, unless otherwise stated on a weather forecast news. The rain in the months from June to August usually comes in short bursts, leaving some pauses of sunny hours that tourists can enjoy.