Known as one of Thailand’s top island destinations, Koh Samui is home to some of Asia’s most stellar tourist attractions, luxurious resorts, and captivating beaches. But what makes a trip to Koh Samui even more remarkable is the wide selection of dining options that integrates authentic Thai food traditions and ingredients with modern culinary techniques. So whether you are looking for authentic Thai specialties or your favorite international delicacies, you are in for a truly memorable and elevated dining experience in Koh Samui.

If you plan to visit Koh Samui soon, here are five of the island’s finest restaurants you should definitely visit.


Jahn is a fine dining restaurant inside Conrad Koh Samui in the Taling Ngam district. This award-winning restaurant is perched atop a hill overlooking the Gulf of Thailand – offering one of the region’s best “dining with a view” spots. 

Upon entering the restaurant, guests will be greeted by contemporary Thai-inspired interiors with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic ocean views. But more than its intimate and opulent ambiance, Jahn takes the crown in offering delectable Thai dishes with a twist, curated by some of the country’s finest and most talented chefs. For the ultimate experience, don’t forget to try Jahn’s signature degustation menu. 

Pla Pla

Photo: Four Seasons Resort

Four Season Resort Koh Samui’s seafood and grilled meat restaurant is aptly named “Pla Pla,” which means “fish” in Thai – an ode to the bountiful ocean and idyllic island life. Pla Pla transforms throughout the day, going from a laid-back eatery in the daytime to a stylish, sophisticated restaurant by night.

Its lunch menu consists of light yet filling favorites, such as pasta, pizzas, and sandwiches, as well as Asian delicacies like Por Pia Sod Goong, Som Tum, Kra Pao Gai, and Phad Thai Goong. For dinner, you can indulge in the restaurant’s excellent selection of charcoal-grilled favorites like beef, chicken, salmon, tuna, prawns, and lamb. 

The Cliff Bar and Grill

Photo: Samui Holiday

The Cliff Bar and Grill is your best bet for an impressive Mediterranean-inspired culinary venture in Koh Samui. True to its name, this fine dining restaurant is nestled on a cliff overlooking the crystal clear waters off the coast of Maret. 

The Cliff Bar and Grill takes pride in its highly-skilled chefs and restaurateurs. They even traveled to Mediterranean countries like Portugal, Spain, and Italy to learn the region’s finest culinary secrets and bring them to Koh Samui.

The team combines its international cuisine expertise with the use of organic, locally-grown produce and fresh local seafood delivered to their doorstep daily by local fishermen. The result is a unique gustatory experience that harmonizes Mediterranean cooking techniques with local Thai and Oriental ingredients. 

Dining on the Rocks

Photo: Unique Retreats

Six Senses Samui’s Dining on the Rocks offers an immersive and unique dining experience where you can indulge in filling meals while enjoying a 270-degree scenic view of nature. The restaurant has ten terraced decks made of weathered teak and bamboo nestled on the headland’s tip, offering a spectacular dining adventure while taking in the stunning natural wonders of the tropics.

Dining on the Rocks is one of the top Koh Samui viewpoints and the perfect spot to watch the sunset, making it the ideal choice for romantic dinners and intimate gatherings. This award-winning restaurant offers an innovative concept combining organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients and modern culinary techniques, emphasizing preserving the food’s natural flavors and nutritional value. The resort has an in-house garden to source herbs, vegetables, and produce.  


Photo: Silavadee Koh Samui

Tucked in the luxurious Silavadee Pool Spa Resort in Maret is an all-day dining restaurant called Moon. Here, you can enjoy the crowd-favorite breakfast buffet with morning favorites that will surely perk you up and jumpstart your day. For lunch, you can take a pick from the wide selection of salads, pasta, burgers, pizzas, and Thai dishes. Lastly, you can cap off the day with prime meat cuts and fresh seafood for dinner.

The restaurant also features a wine cellar with a comprehensive list of fine wines and champagnes from across the globe – perfect for a wine-and-dine feast with your beloved. Aside from filling your stomach with delicious meals and refreshing beverages, Moon also lets you relish the sensational vista of Lamai Bay that’s breathtaking any time of the day.