Luxury villa design goes above and beyond to make these holiday homes look as magnificent and impressive as possible. But looking the part is only half the battle, these villas have also found a way to create an oasis of comfort and respite – to convey its design into a feeling that translates into a memorable and inspiring experience for every guest that leaves its doors.

From modern architectural gems, rustic interiors to stunning outdoor ambiances, we highlighted unique and elegant design features from villas in our collection that emphasize each of their distinct personalities.

An entrance to impress

The entrance of Villa Mayavee in Kamala, Phuket.

When it comes to grand entrances and establishing a strong first impression, Villa Mayavee, one of the most luxurious villas in Phuket tops it with elegance and sophistication. Who wouldn’t want a chance to ascend a spiral staircase encased in glass whilst overlooking the vast sea?

Leading to the staircase is a stone pathway surrounded by a water feature that helps build anticipation. Aside from the gorgeous view of the sea, guests can soak up the arresting view of the infinity pool below. Upon reaching the top, guests are greeted by a wide and spacious open-plan living and dining area.

The villa also transcends its design by seamlessly integrating its architecture into the rainforest and tropical jungle surrounding it.

Next-level pool design. Literally.

The cascading pool of Villa Akatsuki in Lipa Noi, Koh Samui.

Among the many standout features of Villa Akatsuki in Koh Samui is its multi-level infinity pool that cascades right through the middle of the villa grounds. Aesthetically pleasing and impressively functional, the three-tiered swimming pool overlooks the beach while the shallower children’s pool section is conveniently situated where parents can comfortably keep an eye on their little ones.

Villa Akatsuki’s luxurious suites and facilities are spread out across multiple pavilions, complementing the tropical white sand beach found just a few steps beyond the expansive property. To top it all, the villa features Japanese décor and Thai furnishings, both contributing to the understated elegance of the villa. The unique design finds guests reconnecting with serenity and their sense of escapism.

Rustic luxury

The master bedroom of Villa Zelie in Canggu, Bali.

Bali’s Villa Zelie proves that with the right elements and presentation, rustic design can be luxurious too. Each furniture piece and decor contributes to the overall style and aesthetic of the villa. Imagine setting foot to rooms inspired by Javanese palaces and French furnishings, while tracing the engraved patterns on each of its timber doors.

The halcyon centuries of the past are brought about by each antiquity, tribal décor, and artwork of the villa. The rustic villa also features a poolside and entertainment area complete with a bar.

A space within a space

The family room of Villa Amarapura in Cape Yamu

The inviting atmosphere of Villa Amarapura’s family room can be attributed to its cream and warm wood tones. But what makes it truly stand out is its implementation of the space-within-a-space concept – a statement in architecture that provides a clear focal point and adds interest to an otherwise plain open space. The change in flooring and wall material further enhances the separation between areas.

Each room in the villa is interspersed by splashes of Scandinavian, modern, and contemporary aesthetic. The spectacular home also features high ceilings with stunning chandeliers, sleep-conducive bedrooms, and amenities like a private cinema, TV room, cozy lounge, and fully-equipped kitchen.

Embrace the landscape

The poolside open-air living space of Villa Hin in Koh Samui.

Known as “Rock House” among the many luxury villas in Koh Samui, Villa Hin is built around massive boulders and trees. This remarkable villa achieved a milestone in its unique attempt to use a natural rock formation as its foundation. This decision to incorporate nature into the design of the villa creates exquisite freshness to the atmosphere. Villa Hin highlights an open and relaxed living space for its guests who are looking for a stress-free environment.

The villa also features elegant bedrooms, a private theater room, an infinity-edge pool, and a botanical garden with flowers, trees, and shrubs. All of these amenities make for an ideal paradise-like villa where friends or the entire family can unwind.

Utilize vertical space

Elevated beds in one of Villa Tjitrap’s guest bedrooms

Villa Tjitrap‘s clever use of space shines with considerable flair and elegance. Guests of the Balinese villa will find elevated loft-style beds that allow extra bedding without having to resort to dull and uninspired bunk beds – a functionality that breeds its own aesthetic.

The creativity and inventiveness of this villa are a result of a unique challenge to blend the designer’s old plantation house and a modern black-and-white Singaporean mansion –  the result is an eclectic mixture of 19th-century looks and contemporary styling.

Villa Tjitrap comes with 6 magnificent bedrooms that feature high ceilings for lots of natural light, combined with beautiful gardens, make for an ultimate vacation in paradise.

Sink Your Sala

The outdoor sunken sala of Villa Padma in Phuket’s Cape Yamu peninsula.

One of the charming and notable villa design features of Phuket’s Villa Padma is its cozy outdoor sunken sala. Surrounded by a pond atop the villa’s upper level, the structure makes for an intimate, and stylish area where friends and family can huddle together while looking at the panoramic view of the sea and sunset. The sunken sala also has a retractable awning and an integrated sound system perfect for fun activities.

Villa Padma also prominently features traditional hand-carved sculptures and friezes from Thailand as well as contemporary artworks in every room. These pieces accentuate the spacious planes and high ceilings of the villa. Aside from its 4 well-appointed bedrooms, Villa Padma also boasts a private cinema, a games room and a breathtaking 25-meter swimming pool.

Epitomize outdoor living

An open-air living and dining area right by the poolside of Villa Anavaya in Choeng Mon, Koh Samui

If there’s one feature that Villa Anavaya in Koh Samui executes exceptionally, it would have to be the villa’s facilities that encourage guests to spend uninhibited time outdoors. The villa has a smattering of amenities including an open-air living and dining area, expansive terrace, an infinity pool with chaise longues and a poolside bar – all located outside, overlooking the sea and the scenic natural surroundings.

The villa also features a panoramic view in the master bedroom while relaxing on the super king-size bed. On top of this, rooms have charming outdoor balconies where guests can luxuriate in serenity.

A blissful ensuite

The master bedroom outdoor bath of Bali’s Villa Jamadara.

Wonderful decisions were made at Villa Jamadara to produce a properly executed outdoor bath that lets you blissfully soak amidst nature. The villa’s master bedroom boasts an outdoor bathtub with a rainfall shower that sits as if floating in a pond – bold, indulgent, and utterly luxurious.

One of the best luxury villas in Bali, Villa Jamadara also features eclectic amenities, from its breathtaking infinity pool, indented lounge to its koi ponds, manicured gardens, and luxurious outdoor dining. All areas working seamlessly together to provide the ultimate peaceful and relaxing vacation for any guest.

Dreamy water feature

One riveting design feature from Phuket’s Villa Verai is its glass-bottomed reflection pond on the upper floor which also serves as the ceiling of the living area below. Definitely an otherworldly sight to behold from both sides.

The villa shows how peak contemporary style can look with its majestic roof spires, modern minimalist feel, and glass bay windows. The six-bedroom Villa Verai on Phuket’s exclusive Cape Yamu also features an enormous infinity pool, a 10-seater cinema, a garden play area, and a game room with a pool table.

Let some greenery flourish

Villa Noku in Bali is a gorgeous modern villa that highlights a feature straight out of a Balinese fantasy getaway. Vines allowed to grow freely and hanging from above the plunge pool, indoor greenery, splashes of botanical corners are only a few of what makes this villa a real-life tropical haven.

This stunning home also features rooftop terraces, cozy hidden lounges, and 6 elegant bedrooms each with a picturesque view of the sea. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the sound of the calming waves in the morning? Aside from the lush greenery all over the property, Zen-style ponds also enhance the tropical jungle vibe and aesthetic of the villa.


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