Megève has become a beloved skiing destination for jet setters and celebrities, spending their winter holidays in the French Alps. But did you know that this quaint mountainside commune offers a whole lot more? Come summertime, the frosty white village transforms into a palette of verdant hues with endless blue skies on the horizon and the majestic Mont Blanc in pure sight.

So what can you honestly expect as you spend your summer break in this Alpine holiday getaway? Let’s find out more as we explore the allure of a typical Megèvan summer.

Megève, a summer dream

The Megève village center during summer. Photo: France Summer Camp

The charming resort town was once a humble farming village dating back to the 12th century. However, the Rothschild family saw its potential as a skiing destination in the early 1900s, elevating it to the luxury status that it now enjoys.

With a cozy temperature of just around 14.2 °C during its hottest month, Megève is the perfect place to spend your time outside, either by strolling through the ancient town’s cobblestone streets or exploring its surrounding wilderness. It is blessed with glorious natural beauty, starting with a dynamic mountain range dotted with remarkable flora and babbling brooks where you can soak your tired soles after a long day of hiking.

It takes a step back from its peak winter season and gives way to a more relaxed atmosphere in summer, allowing guests to witness a different kind of Megève that they rarely see with its usual flurry of ski tourists—one best spent dining al fresco on a summer afternoon.

Megève: your next summer playground

Staying in the Alps in the summertime is an opportunity you should never miss if you visit Megève. Endless recreational activities await for all ages—family-friendly excursions or heart-racing activities that would ultimately test your endurance. Here are just some of the things you can do while staying in the St. Moritz of France.

Soar above the clouds

A hot air balloon flying over Megève/ Photo: Alpes Montgolfière

Discover Megève’s hidden ethereal beauty as you board a hot air balloon or a panoramic helicopter ride at a staggering 2,500 meters up in the sky. Perfect for aviation enthusiasts, these aerial trips give you a literal bird’s eye view of the Vallée Blanche and the Mont Blanc Massif. For adrenaline junkies, paragliding lets you be in one with the birds as you zip past some of Europe’s tallest mountain peaks.

Learn about Megève’s centuries-old history

Dating back to the middle ages, stepping inside Megève uncovers many colorful stories waiting to be told. Its well-preserved architectural heritage is a solid testament to how Megèvans value their tradition and cultural identity. Tourists can easily visit the Haut Val d’Arly Heritage Museum, the Church of Saint Jean-Baptiste, or the historic town square to get a glimpse of its vibrant past.

Experience golfing above sea level

A golfer taking a swing at the Domaine du Mont d’Arbois golf course in Megève. Photo: Megève Official Website

What better way to take in the grandeur the Alps has to offer than by landing a perfect putt in a high-altitude golf course—1,320 meters to be exact! You can play the 18-hole, 50-hectare course of Domaine du Mont d’Arbois while enjoying an uninterrupted view of Mont Joly.

Immerse yourself in food, culture, and music

For years, Megève has hosted one of the most prestigious festivals and competitions in Europe. In July, tourists can expect its annual Megève Jazz Contest, an international jazz competition that brings together exceptional jazz talents from around the globe in one stage. Meanwhile, August marks the resort town’s annual Estivales Megève, a competition attracting the best classical artists from different parts of the world. Gourmands can taste an assortment of the finest cheeses, meats, and pastries in Megève’s various restaurants and bars—all sourced locally from its farms!

Relax in the largest leisure complex in the Alps

The Le Palais Megève, an iconic sports, leisure and wellness facility. Photo: Megève Official Website

With an Olympic-sized outdoor pool, ice hockey and curling rink, heated thermal pools, spas, saunas, Turkish baths, and tennis courts, guests can get lost for hours as they pamper themselves in Le Palais’ multitude of in-complex facilities.

Hike and Bike your way to the mountains

Cyclists can explore the 300-kilometer expanse of Megève’s surrounding mountain bike trails while overlooking the beauty of its forests, meadows, and the rolling mountainscape. On the hiking front, Megève is home to numerous trails and routes for scenic exploration and discovering local flora and fauna. From family walks to sporty hikes, routes of varying lengths and difficulties are available to suit every skill and fitness level.

Enjoy posh holiday mountain accommodations


The living area of  Chalet Mont Blanc features wide windows that frame its outdoor pool against the panoramic view of the mountains.

Luxury chalets in Megève provide much-wanted privacy while maintaining the stellar hospitality that the resort town is widely known for. Chalets, which started as modest cottages for Alpine shepherds, are now reimagined into chic yet commodious holiday homes. While primarily known as ski chalets for winter stays, many of these homes have fantastic summer facilities like outdoor swimming pools and al fresco dining areas. Choose from traditionally-styled log cabins to contemporary dwellings, these fantastic rental chalets offer luxurious amenities and bespoke services and can be found in the most incredible locations in the Alps, allowing guests to soak the most out of Megève’s summer atmosphere.

Next time you plan your European holiday in the mountains, make sure to give Megève a visit and get ready to be enchanted by its overall beauty and rustic charm.


Featured Photo: Megève Official Website