Luxury private rental villas are set to be top of discerning travelers’ wish-lists once again as borders open and travel resumes. The shut-down of the travel industry during the pandemic has hit the tourism and hospitality businesses across the world at every level. However, as countries like Thailand and Indonesia start to ease-up restrictions, there is expected to be real interest and a surge in private villa bookings.

Private villas are expected to be the ultimate accommodation choice for both domestic and international vacationers as the world recovers. Here are some of the reasons:

Complete Privacy

One of the key advantages of staying in luxury villas is that wherever they are situated they are all wonderfully private. Vacationers will still want to keep some element of distance from others and being crammed into accommodation with other travelers is even less appealing than ever. Particularly because visitors from all over the world come together in destinations, there is more of an impetus than previously for individuals to book a stay that is only for themselves and their travel companions. Private villas are the ideal accommodation choice if you want to practice physical or social distancing.

All to herself, a guest relishes a cool dip in one of the most luxurious pool villas in Phuket.

More Space

It is not enough to have privacy where guests stay. If they want to relax in comfort they also need a place that is spacious in terms of the indoor and outdoor spaces. Luxury villas are often open-plan with grand living rooms, terraces by an infinity pool, and beautiful bedrooms with multiple bathrooms too. Al fresco dining and lounge seating for sundowners, as well as a green setting make all the difference. Guests can chill-out in a rural location, overlooking the sea from a clifftop or even be by the soft sands of a tranquil beach without bumping into anyone else if they do not want to.

Fantastic In-Villa Facilities

There is no point in having space and privacy if a stay does not offer much else. What is a great USP of luxury villas is that they create their own world of wonder with spectacular facilities and features too. This makes all the difference, with some stays boasting in-villa cinemas, games rooms, and gyms not to mention offering private dining experiences and surround-sound to create an atmosphere of going out while spending time at a villa that can turn from laid-back retreat during the day to a more upbeat, celebratory setting after dark.

The exclusive in-villa private cinema of Villa Amarapura

Total Exclusivity

Having all these fantastic facilities is one thing, but having exclusive and unbridled access to them is another. Being able to take pleasure in these amenities at your own time and leisure, without having to share them with other people is another aspect that make private villas especially unique. Aside from the facilities, guests also get to enjoy exclusive, on-demand services like yoga sessions with a private instructor, guided exercise with a personal fitness trainer, and cooking classes with a professional private chef – all in the safety of your villa.

Surrounding Outdoor Beauty

There have been many reports about the benefits to the natural world of normal life stopping for a short time. This has inspired a renewed sense of respect and wonder at the beauty of the planet. After being surrounded by concrete walls from months of having to stay indoors, everyone wants to feel the sun on their face and to breathe in fresh air, embracing the outdoors.

Situated on a hillside along Naithon Beach in Phuket, Villa Paradiso offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding vista

The aesthetic of a beautifully designed villa with incredible architectural design also adds to this harmonizing appeal with features such as glass walls, spacious terraces, and open-air lounges. An island vacation brings holidaymakers that sense of relaxation in a paradise setting, far from the city and densely populated urban sprawls. It is the tonic so many people are seeking as soon as they can.

Safer and Seamless Check-in/out Experience

The perks of booking a villa go beyond just the actual time spent at your home rental. With a dedicated Guest Experience Team ready to assist you, you have the option and privilege of having your travel plans laid out for you from end to end. If you wish to have absolute privacy and travel with minimal contact with the outside world, your concierge can gladly arrange a private jet for you. Upon landing at the airport, a VIP express service through immigration can also be provided with a luxury vehicle ready to drive you straight to the villa and back. This optional service ensures a smooth travel experience that is also safe and secure.

A Dedicated Staff

Private villas also benefit from having dedicated staff – a smaller yet highly capable and professionally trained team, tasked to make sure that every guest requirement is met with satisfaction. Unlike other forms of accommodation where staffing is rotated between shifts, a dedicated villa staff ensures that you only have to deal with the same personnel throughout your stay, in turn, reducing interpersonal interaction and contact with the outside world. This direct and undivided staff-to-guest connection also develops a deeper bond that leads to a more memorable stay.

A villa staff carefully prepares a stylish dinner setup.

Personalized Experience

The luxury of having a bespoke accommodation experience is an advantage that is unquestionably invaluable at this time. A villa stay allows guests to personalize the details of their vacation such as choice of cuisine and how food is served, their preferred scent, or sanitizer brand. This flexibility of service is a signature of luxury villas and is one that guests can truly utilize to make their stay feel safer, more comfortable, and delightedly personal.


Aside from these pre-existing advantages, luxury villas work in union with the entire hospitality industry in making great efforts to ensure the safety of their patrons. By reinforcing hygiene and cleaning protocols, ensuring the health condition of staff members, and staying updated and well-informed, we participate in the combat against the pandemic, remaining strong and positive about the future of luxury travel.