With a lot of the world being told to stay at home right now, some have chosen to book into retreat stays so that they can be private and remote, protecting their families and themselves. Most cannot wait for some semblance of normality to return and to get out in the world and visit different destinations or simply go on an incredible vacation.

After restrictions are lifted there’s going to be a big surge in bookings and it might be worthwhile making at least some type of reservation beforehand. Meanwhile, here are some stay home travel inspirations to brighten up your time and let your imagination take flight:


Often vacations are booked in haste and we don’t allow ourselves to really dream about an alternative style of holiday or to consider a different destination. What this lockdown is teaching everybody is that life’s too short not to follow your heart. Whether you are separated from a lover or maybe your family, a holiday together is a wonderful way to celebrate love and create amazing memories together. A luxury villa is ideal because you can have space to really be yourselves and make your holiday time your own, deciding what to do and when. Use this opportunity at home to dream big.

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A poolside living room with sea view of a private villa in Phuket


Get a feel for a place and immerse yourself in it before you go by seeking out articles, maybe checking out what luxury villa you want to book and where. There are lots of documentaries, travel blogs, and incredible Instagram photos, as well as guidebooks, that can really give you a feel for a place before you arrive. Not only does this give you a great insight into what to see and do when you do travel, but it also gives you an enjoyable outlet while you’re stuck at home too.

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If you’re considering getting together with friends you might want to think about a group holiday. Now is a great time to get an idea of where everyone wants to go and what they want to do. As people socially distance you may find yourself reconnecting with old friends. If so, keep these friendships going once life becomes busier again by arranging to do something together. It could be, for example, that you decide on a reunion holiday with old college friends.


While the current situation may feel zapped of all inspiration it is, in fact, a great time to tap into your creativity. Having distraction-free space is perfect for doing things that you never seem to have the time for. What about trying to recreate a memorable dish from your travels? Or you could try making something from a destination you’ve never been to so that you get a flavor of the place. Create a soothing Thai green curry, for example, and get a sense of Thailand as you taste the delicious smoothness of coconut milk, spice, and sweetness that makes this dish an all-time classic.

Goong Sarong, a Thai dish with deep fried prawn wrapped in egg noodles


During your down-time what about learning a language? If you’re planning a trip to Thailand or Bali, for example, then arriving with a few words of the local lingo can really enhance your experience. You’ll be met with big smiles and true appreciation, and there are lots of apps online so you can learn at your own pace without any pressure. Doing an activity like this keeps your brain stimulated as well so that you don’t start to feel bored. Even if you cannot go out and do very much you can still keep your mind active.


If you’re an avid traveler then you probably have lots of photos and even video footage of different vacations and travel experiences. You may also be like many people in that these snaps and films often lie unlooked-at for ages as you promise you’ll sort out your files soon. This is the perfect opportunity to archive properly, deleting some and maybe reposting others. You could get a slideshow together to show loved ones with whom you are staying, creating a happy event going down memory lane. This is also a considerate way to reach out to cherished family and friends who you cannot see right now and send them a fantastic, free digital gift of happier times.


There’s a lot you can do from your own home too. Look at how you can connect with a destination by offering help in some way during difficult times. If you’re not able to do that right now then make a pledge that when you travel that you will factor in some activity that gives back to the people and the environment. By being a responsible traveler with a green conscience and only taking part in ethical tourism activities you are doing your part. Again, you can research online and by seeking ideas out you’ll come across new adventures as well.

A rescued elephant from Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Try something new

If all you’ve ever done in the past is book a holiday in the sun where you simply lounge by the pool and overindulge, then you may want to let your imagination open up a little bit more and make an ode towards more experiential travel. You might decide that you’re going to save up for a once-in-a-lifetime luxury vacation in Bali, Koh Samui or Phuket, or maybe a skiing holiday in Niseko. Experiential travel really elevates a destination and your enjoyment of it as well.


While these are uncertain times, you may still want to think about booking your ultimate vacation now. That way you can make the most of early bird offers and special discounts. There are always advantages to booking in advance and in this current situation you may find that future deals are so much better right now. Once the world opens up again there’s going to be a big demand all at the same time and prices could hike up considerably. Another benefit of booking sooner not later is that you and your loved ones have something to look forward to as well.


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