One standout feature of Gen Ys is how they’ve grown up being so connected in such a fast-paced world of digital change and lifestyle choices. The result is that they’re often confident about who they are and like to create their own vacations by making online bookings. They also have high expectations when it comes to hospitality. On top of this, going on holiday is more about experiential travel, and that all starts with the experience of an incredibly unique stay.

With social circles still a focus, it’s little surprise that a private villa vacation escape with a group of friends promises to be not only lots of fun in the sun but the ultimate millennial retreat. Added to this is the fact that a substantial group within this generation are well into their 30s and have the disposable income to afford luxury stays too.

The beautiful island of Bali, with its world-class diving and surfing, not to mention stunning beach vibe, culture and exotic atmosphere, is a popular choice with the 18 to late-30s age group. Another must-visit destination on the Gen Y bucket list is Thailand, not only for its iconic island retreats of Phuket and Koh Samui, but its laid-back atmosphere, amazing cuisine, and fun ambiance.

Here’s a rundown of why private luxury villa rentals in one of these tropical isles offer the perfect pads for millennials on vacation:

Cool Destinations

Kayaks await adventurous guests at Villa Akatsuki in Lipa Noi beach, Koh Samui.

What young hipster doesn’t want to travel to Southeast Asia and see the world? Thailand’s southern islands and Indonesia’s spectacular island of Bali are the places to visit. Just as they are still popular with Gen X who are now in the 40s, these beach getaways are absolutely timeless. For those looking for chilled-out days and a mix of laid-back nights and high-octane partying, these well-traveled tourist hotspots deliver every time. Koh Samui is famed for its mesmerizing beaches, while Phuket promises an Old Town and is far more developed in terms of dining, activities, and partying.


Fun-Inspired Luxury

While once luxury was focused on extravagance, nowadays high-end vacation experiences for the under-40s require a big element of fun and frivolity. Villas with the latest audio systems mean playlists can blast out during a private pool party, while sundowners served outside in a trendy al fresco lounge are a given too. Game rooms are perfect for chilling out with a round of pool, while there’re plenty of villas with unique features, from an in-villa nightclub to a private movie theatre with bed-like seating. The mood and tempo can change throughout the day and night with a villa and what’s great is that it’s up to the guests to choose the vibe and create the atmosphere.

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Instagram Perfection


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The reality is that social media rules and a chic, sophisticated villa looking out to a seascape from an ultra-stylish infinity pool or a jacuzzi with panoramic vistas of distant isles is an Instagram winner. From a Tic Toc video to a Snapchat moment, or even a Facebook post, picturesque vacation spots are the bomb when it comes to capturing the zeitgeist of the millennial generation. Spa-like bathrooms, in-villa cinemas, and amazing spaces add to the vibe of a must-have vacay experience as do high ceilings and open-plan living spaces. Part of the enjoyment of staying in such a hip pad is the sheer number of photo opportunities that can be taken, including endless selfies and group photos with dramatic backdrops.


Living the Life

Guests lazing away in cozy daybeds

Instead of admiring the unobtainable lives of the rich and famous, millennial vacationers not only want it all, they’re getting it too. They want to experience a slice of glamor, live life to the full, and seize the moment while they’re young. They work hard and want to make the most of their valuable leisure time too. A stylish villa in a gorgeous beachfront setting or discovered in a rainforest landscape offers Hollywood-esque appeal. Design, aesthetics, and tangible style are important, while an exclusive villa’s wonderfully spacious too, making it the ideal choice for friends to get together for a holiday of a lifetime.

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The Lifestyle

A guest having a yoga session at the pool deck of Villa Sawarin.

It’s not just about looking the part and taking social-media-influencer-worthy pictures that matter to millennials of course. This generation takes lifestyle seriously and sees the value of leading a balanced life. They want to mix adventurous activities with chilled out meditation and yoga by the pool. They want to lounge during the day and share incredible meals under the stars at night, perhaps with a special meal prepared by a private chef, exploring good food. With a real desire to be active during their getaway, villas that feature fully-equipped gyms and fitness rooms are sure to tick all the boxes.


Sharing Travel Tales

A vacation is not about opting out of life to indulge for the Gen Y holidaymakers. There may be plenty of hedonism being sought out of course. However, beyond this, travel’s about relating stories of an extraordinary stay and a vacation lifestyle that offers freedom for friends to create their own travel tales. Unforgettable memories, incredible adventures, and immersive experiences are what defines travel, as well as being able to share these exciting events. Rather than simply being a tourist, there’s a greater demand to integrate with a destination while at the same time do something wildly different than the norm. A villa stay becomes part of that thrilling narrative.


Being Individual

A guest enjoys leisurely alone-time by the pool

A luxury vacation villa is a place where friends can come together and feel happy in each other’s company but also rejoice in their own sense of individuality, with the space to be themselves and express their own characters. This is about not feeling hemmed in or restricted by staying alongside other vacationers. In addition, the one-of-a-kind characteristics of different villas impress too. Millennials aren’t so interested in package-style, cookie-cutter holidays. Those wanting luxury like to find their own stay from a specially curated selection and marvel at architectural designs, artistic interiors, and breathtaking settings, not to mention excellent facilities worthy of a superb millennial vacation to remember.


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