A high-end luxury villa with all the amenities you could ever want proves good enough but what’s outside the villa is also just as important as what is in it. If good architecture and opulent furnishings are the heart of the construction, then the outdoors and everything it encompasses is certainly the soul. Consequently, today we’ll be casting our spotlight on the top five luxury Thailand villas with viewing decks and rooftops that allow you to savor the enthralling beauty all around.

Villa Sawarin

Classy lighting completes the setting for a romantic evening on Villa Sawarin’s sunset deck.

Sawarin is perched elegantly in a poised, graceful manner like an eagle ready to take to the heavens on the coveted Cape Yamu, where the most high-end villas in Phuket can be found. This ultra-luxury vacation abode is equipped with nine opulent bedrooms showered with modern day grandeur as is the case throughout the layout which is characterized by endearing timber workmanship and sumptuously patterned masonry.

While we could talk about the indoors for hours on end, the magic of this villa truly lies on the outside. Three levels of gorgeously crafted architecture lead you to arguably the best part of the building which is an expansive terrace tip-toeing above a crowd of vivacious green and looking in on an environment taken over by alluring seas. This can all be taken in from the lofty open-air deck surrounded by a reflection pond on the northeast corner. This romantic spot presents the perfect place for watching sunsets with loved ones.

Take a closer look at Villa Sawarin.

Villa Anavaya

Anavaya’s sleek, flat design and elevated location gives guests unobstructed views of Koh Samui paradise.

Anavaya sits on the Gulf of Thailand which is so full of charming displays that it would be criminal for the area to not have a luxury villa with rooftop privileges. And this one doesn’t disappoint in this regard as the front yard peers out into the well-kempt landscape revealing decadent seats and nothing else to ensure full access to the scintillating backdrop.

Six bedrooms are packed into the flowing villa which is most notable for an unparalleled orange furnished 360-degree viewing lounge that resides above an L-shaped infinity rooftop pool. A shaded relaxing area struts the pool as does a comfy sunbed and a trio of sun-kissed sunloungers that also gaze into the irresistible setting.

Take a closer look at Villa Anavaya.

Villa Sangkachai

Layers of luxurious facilities – Sangkachai’s splendid rooftop looks down to the infinity pool below and the vistas beyond.

Complete is the word that best describes this epic Thai villa which checks all the right boxes in terms of what a full package entails. Four bedrooms are well complemented by games and cinema rooms channeling the retro-classic tapestry of past decades to realize a timeless appearance. Other highlights also include a divine infinity pool, a fully equipped gym and a jaw-dropping layout blending past and present ingenuity.

It’s safe to say that Sangkachai provides one of the best vantage points on the planet as its hilltop residence in the Gulf of Thailand is rich in scenery. The setting is punctuated by rolling blue skies, lovely mountain peaks, and oases of lush vegetation clashing strikingly against an overflowing sea of water. The rooftop is a maze of sitting areas littered with exquisitely furnished and shaded rooftop spots to add to other seats clinging to the side of the building. The upper display is certainly to die for presenting seating areas in a well-crafted platform.

Take a closer look at Villa Sangkachai.

Villa Hin

Comfy blue sofas seem to imitate the azure waters of the Thailand Gulf, a relaxing perch atop Villa Hin.

Private, secluded, and gorgeous is what comes to mind when you think of Villa Hin, a paradise firmly in the clutches of generous vegetation and absolute secrecy. The villa’s splendid architecture is not only due to the work of gifted designers but is also as a result of a helping hand by Mother Nature who provided the geological formation needed to realize the exquisite design. It is for this reason that the villa has earned the sobriquet “Rock house” over the years.

Five bedrooms lay siege to the interior but of all the inside, the dining room is certainly the pinnacle of it all. It presents a transparent screen of the surrounding delicacy from within a glass-enclosed space filled with classy furniture overlooking an excellent seascape introduced beguilingly by dense vegetation. These breathtaking views also unfold in the exterior which is rife with plenty of tucked away seats and sun loungers that ensure sightseeing from various angles and elevations of the mostly open-air building. A timber-laden boundary-free rooftop perch stands out as the most scenic spot of them all.

Take a closer look at Villa Hin.

Villa Mayavee

Built on the island’s westernmost tip, you can witness Phuket sunsets unlike nowhere else from Villa Mayavee’s rooftop deck.

Towering above the dramatic cliff of Phuket’s beautiful Kamala headland, Villa Mayavee is a modern four- bedroom building that sits squarely on the edge of beautiful turquoise waters. Tropical tree tops gather around it making way for a white villa armed with a cascade of vantage points. The first floor offers enchanting scenery from within clear-glass rooms which stare into the blue horizon giving those inside a taste of the beauty all around.

An excellent viewing area is nestled right beside a gleaming infinity pool, but even more impressive is the villa’s rooftop deck perched atop the master suite like a lavish bird nest offering the best front-row seat to the endless stretches of picturesque waters and green vegetation. Overall, the villa takes on a minimalist approach as white precious stone and glass permeate all around affording unobstructed views of the outside.

Take a closer look at Villa Mayavee.

A world-class villa is simply not complete without amazing rooftops and viewing decks to go with and you’ll be hard placed any better ones than those mentioned herein with more mesmerizing viewing points.

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