Travel apps are no more restricted to helping you book a hotel room or convert currencies. Today, we have an app for this and an app for that. In fact, there’s an app for almost everything under the sun so why not take advantage of the handheld smart device to skip long waiting lines at the airport, eat at the most lavish restaurants around the world, and experience events that thrill you to bits. Let’s take a look at 7 of the most ingenious luxury travel apps every high-class traveler should know to make the most of each vacation or business trip.

#1. PrivateFly

When you want to waste no time traveling to your destination, no one understands this better than PrivateFly. The PrivateFly app gives you instant access to the private jet charter service that operates in 19 countries and connects luxury travelers to over 7000 aircraft in a single global network. With infinite routes to explore, a live pricing platform, high-end safety parameters, PrivateFly stands unbeatable in terms of speed and performance.

JetSmarter is yet another private jet charter that takes luxury to a different level and lets you fly like a celebrity. The JetSmarter app gives you the power in your hands to skip airport checks, stress associated with commercial flying, and enjoy the pleasure of private air travel. The app allows members to search for private flights and make bookings throughout Europe, the United States, and the Middle East without any paperwork or agents.

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#2. Getmyboat

Sailing on a luxurious private yacht, enjoying a lavish breakfast on the dock as you watch the azure water and feel the breeze on your hair – if that’s your idea of a vacation then download the Getmyboat app on your smartphone. Launched in 2013, this is the world’s largest boat charter service that offers over 75,500 rentals in more than 170 countries. What we love about this app is that guests can choose from a plethora of options ranging from sailboats and luxury yachts to jet skis and kayaks.

The GetMyBoat app works like Airbnb and allows individual boat owners and rental companies to list their watercraft. Whether you are looking for a fully furnished houseboat on rent for a week or a local kayak on an hourly basis, you can find them right here.


#3. Loungebuddy

We have all been there when we arrive at the airport early, or the flight is delayed, and we need a good place to relax. Unfortunately, many travelers fail to make the best use of airport lounges despite their credit card memberships and elite VIP status. Which is the nearest lounge? Does it offer walking-ins? Is it worth going all the way to that lounge? You can get answers to all that in a jiffy, thanks to the Loungebuddy app.

Loungebuddy gives instant lounge access that you can purchase on the day of travel or make bookings. There are numerous filters that let you search based on your preferences and lets you choose the lounge that meets your needs. Grab a drink, get some rest or treat your family with a luxurious airport experience.


#4. Velocity Black

If you have a travel dream, Velocity Black promises to make it come true. This elite global community harnesses the power of machine intelligence and human expertise to bring the most extraordinary experiences that are out-of-this-world. With perfect management, a highly trained staff, and a global network of experienced partners in the field of sports, music, fashion, conferences, art, theatre, and awards ceremonies, Velocity Black lets you create stories of a lifetime.

The app allows you to book experiences like swimming with the Orcas in Norway, joining the Oscars after party, training with real-life Ninjas in Japan, and dining in the sky or inside a pyramid. Whether you wish to plan an unforgettable honeymoon or your next corporate travel, Velocity Black can help you live life king size.


#5. Hyperlapse from Instagram

Here’s an app for all social butterflies who love to update every minute of their travel on social media. With Hyperlapse from Instagram, everyone can become a pro at taking time-lapse videos on their smartphone. The built-in stabilization technology allows travelers to create videos that bear a cinematic look, feel and quality.

There’s no need to create an account to use Hyperlapse from Instagram. Just download it on smartphone and tap once to start recording, and tap again to stop. We can also choose a playback that allows the videos to run 12 times faster and share our creations on Instagram.


#6. Luxe City Guide

There’s a difference between vsiting a city and getting to know it personally. Luxe city guide app allows travelers to gain an insight into the best places to see, explore, and eat in the destination. This is not just any other travel guide app, but thoughtfully designed for those who wish to bask in sheer opulence while traveling. From staying in the most luxuriously appointed guestrooms and dining in the most exotic restaurants to enjoy the most lavish spa and treatments, Luxe City Guide app has you covered.

What we appreciate about the app is that it is constantly updated with new recommendations from LUXE members and a network of reliable contributors. The itineraries are easy to use, and travelers get to access online map and directions without any roaming charges. No matter where we are, with this app we can find good places to eat and sleep in close vicinity.


#7. Redbutler

Traveling to a new city but don’t have the time to research about it? There’s an app to do the homework so that we can travel confidently and make the most of our trip. The Red Butler card provides access to more than 1500 high-end luxurious privileges such as priority seating at the finest restaurants, bars, and clubs. Another highlight of the app is the concierge service where you can hire a butler to schedule appointments, make reservations, and plan the next vacation on your behalf.


. . . . . .

Whether you are traveling to a new destination and wondering where to start or looking for ways to save time and make your experience unforgettable, these travel apps can make your life easier. The new genre of apps for luxury travelers aims to surge a new wave of promises, trends, and innovations. We hope to see more apps like these that can change the way we travel and add a new meaning to luxury.