For some, flying first-class with commercial airlines is the most luxurious way of travel; for the elite, nothing less than the comfort and luxury of a private jet is recognized as the only way to truly experience travel.

Fortunately, flying in your very own private jet to your vacation destination is no longer a privilege reserved just for the elite. With the services of prominent private jet charter companies serving the world’s most demanding VIPs, like, you now have access to any type of private jet in the world.


Amazing Aircraft

A selection of the most suitable and luxurious aircraft tailored to your itinerary with complete jet and cabin details is presented to you by a private jet charter specialist who will walk you through each and every step after understanding your unique request. These modern private jets feature onboard Wi-Fi, Blu-ray entertainment systems, satellite telephone access, and many more amenities. In addition, the specialized catering, which you have personally designated, will be prepared and served by the courteous private jet flight attendant.

Express Customs

No more arriving and waiting 2 to 3 hours at the airport before your flight. Your private jet and the pilots will wait for you at the private jet terminal. Express customs and immigration will ensure you may depart as soon as you arrive. A comfortable VIP lounge providing light refreshments is also available for you and your travel companions.



No more compromising and following the schedule of a commercial airline company. You have the freedom to decide the date and time for each departure location of your itinerary. You also have access to direct routes in which commercial airlines require a transfer. No more checking in your baggage and having to follow the limited size and weight restrictions. On larger private jets, you will have access to your luggage from inside the jet’s cabin too!

Safety & Transparency

All documents regarding the aircraft and pilots are audited internally and available to you, anytime. Nothing is more important than your safety. After all, boarding your aircraft with utmost confidence is the ultimate luxury.

Sizes & Destinations

Here’s a graph of different private jet cabin sizes and some sample destinations.

6-8 passengers 7-10 passengers 8-16 passengers 18-28 passengers
2.5 – 3 hour range 4-6 hour range 7-14 hour range 8-10 hour range
Hong Kong to Shanghai Taipei to Bangkok (Midsize) Beijing to Bali (Large) Beijing to Maldives
Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta Singapore to Seoul (Super-Mid) Tokyo to London (Long-Range) Hong Kong to Dubai

To charter a private jet, simply provide the following information:

  • Itinerary (dates and locations)
  • Number of passengers
  • and any specific requests you may have.

(If you are staying at one of the private villas of The Luxury Signature, please provide the required information and send it to first-class with commercial airlines. Your inquiries will be promptly forwarded to a partner private jet specialist who shall be directly in touch with you.)


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