Crisp, wintery days and softly falling snow may sound magical, however, in reality, in many countries the winter weather at the end of the year and first couple of months of the next is anything but magical; with cold, damp, blustery days that make you feel tired, miserable, and in need of some Vitamin D-inducing sunshine. While summer holidays in Bali are always fantastic, there is something wonderfully enticing about getting away from the cold toward more tropical climes.

If you’re wrapped up in sweaters, fighting off yet another sniffly cold, and missing the sight of the sun then could it be time to pack up your sunscreen and head to Bali for some luxurious comfort? Of course, what’s not to love about Bali? But just in case you need some motivation, here are five reasons to escape to Bali this Winter:

Rain Won’t Stop You From Enjoying Your Wellness Break

The idea of a rainy vacation may not be instantly appealing, but in reality, this time of year can be a perfect time to visit the island of Bali. The short, dramatic downpours in the afternoon give you the perfect excuse to seek sanctuary inside a spa and enjoy a Balinese massage or a beauty treatment as the rain cools the ground. Bali’s wellness oases invite you to sink into a relaxing sense of wellbeing and listening to the soothing raindrops gifting the land with much-needed water, and vitality innately feels uplifting.

It’s Not Too Hot

Many people think the rains equal cool weather, but this is far from the truth in tropical destinations. Here, the rainy season is still wonderfully warm with average temperatures of around 30°C. Yes, humidity is high, but indoor spaces with air-con, beachside beauty spots with gentle coastal breezes, and the cooling rains all add up to a refreshed vacation feeling.

Between the rain showers, there are plenty of bursts of sunshine too, giving you enough time to enjoy beach days, lounging by the pool, and water sports as well as outdoor activities and adventures that take you into the green of Bali’s scenic settings.

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Countless Outdoor Activities

Apart from the damp and the cold at home, one of the worst things about winter is that it encourages you to hibernate, slowing down your activity levels dramatically and leaving you feeling sluggish. A holiday in the Bali sun during the wet season is the ideal tonic to get your body warmed up and energized again.

Activities such as snorkeling and diving are available all year-round, plunging you into an underwater wonderland discovering coral reef gardens and marine life. There’s always enough sun to enjoy al fresco yoga, take a stroll along the shore or hike in Bali’s mesmerizing green hills.

Bali may project a castaway ambiance in quiet locations such as Seminyak or Uluwatu, but the island is well-developed too and offers lots in the way of things to do. A well-known place is Finns Recreation Club, a large entertainment and sporting venue set in a picturesque location amongst the paddy fields in Canggu. There are lots of indoor-activities too from trampolining to in-villa fitness in your gym, bowling, and even retail therapy in Bali’s well-known shopping malls and exquisite boutiques.

You Can Be A Culture Vulture

One hugely appealing aspect of vacation in Bali is that beyond the beautiful beaches and extraordinarily welcoming people, there is an intensely rich and fascinating culture that’s satisfying to explore. During the winter season, head to the artsy hub of Ubud, if you’re not already staying there, and explore the many museums and art galleries here. Take a cooking class and learn how to create traditional Balinese cuisine and get involved with arts and crafts or dance at Ubud’s Bali Culture Center. There are breathtaking shows to see too such as the Kecak Masterpiece, an extravaganza boasting over 100 dancers, at Bali Safari and Marine Park.

With less heat and rain, temple hopping is a great way to enjoy a winter-stay in Bali. This can inspire a meditative quality to your vacation which you may well be seeking as you recharge your batteries, take stock, and make plans for the future. A must-visit, 250 feet above the Indian Ocean, is the world-renowned Balinese Hindu Uluwatu Temple which perches on the edge of a sea-cliff, dramatically jutting out.

Avoid The Busy Tourist Season

Unlike a summer holiday, a winter break is often inspired by a need to escape and unwind. What’s often desired is sun on your face and a peaceful space to feel content. At this time of year, Bali is in the low tourist season and is far quieter than at most other times. The lack of visitors can make you feel as if you see a different side to the island, with a more laid-back vibe than ever, and a more local atmosphere.

Other benefits of this less touristy time are that trips and expeditions are more accessible and less packed, as well as being less expensive. If you want to take a luxurious cruise or head out on a five-star adventure, then you can certainly get more luxury for less during the rainy season. The difference can be quite marked, so much so that some tourists, even luxury travelers, prefer the ease of winter holidays in Bali.