Glorious weather in a gorgeous location and a stay in an oasis vacation retreat; the allure of a villa holiday in the sun hardly needs any expansive explanation. After all, what’s not to love about a touch of tropical wonder; a place where the sky is blue, the sands are golden, and the villa stays with their cool infinity pools looking out to incredible vistas are total luxury.

However, if you do need any extra excuses to justify jetting off to a dream destination such as Thailand or Bali then there are plenty of unexpected plus points of taking a break too. Here are 10 Surprising Benefits of a Luxury Villa Vacation:

1. Increasing your confidence levels:

New experiences, taking a break from routine, and enjoying some time away from your usual environment creates a feel-good energy. This happiness extends beyond your holiday and leaves you feeling as if you can tackle life’s challenges with renewed vigor and a sense of empowered confidence.

Whilst luxury travel is not a physical challenge, exploring diverse cultures and destinations can take you out of your comfort zone and this in itself is confidence-building.

2. Changing your whole perspective on life:

A villa vacation gives you time to relax and reflect in a totally different environment, and one that offers the ease and comfort of luxurious surroundings. This mental and physical space, with none of the anchors of your everyday existence can be liberating. 

In a new place your mind is able to question ideas that you have always simply accepted, encouraging you to step outside the rut of habit-like thinking to see the world and yourself in a different light. Appreciating other cultures is a fantastic way to appreciate looking at things through different eyes.

3. Improving your career:

All work and no play makes Jack, and Jill for that matter, a dull boy or girl. There is a common misconception that a slavish approach to work is the only way to increase income. Taking time off, resting up, and getting some sleep boosts productivity. Travel can also be an opportunity to network and explore different approaches to life and work.

Not only that, but by organizing yourself enough to take a break you are effectively streamlining your own workload and becoming more efficient in the process.

4. Enhancing your relationships:

Creating and sharing vacation memories is a really bonding experience and can be a wonderful way to bring the whole family together. Sometimes it is easy to get into a routine and play to set roles within a family. A holiday changes this up and lets other facets of people’s personalities be expressed and appreciated.

A luxury villa is a perfect setting for creating a vacation lifestyle rather than simply being a place to stay on holiday. On a romantic level, an exquisite villa environment can inspire sunset tête-à-têtes, private al fresco dining with an in-villa chef, and indulgent poolside lounging. 

5. Boosting your mental health:

There is scientific evidence that taking a vacation can reduce depression levels and inspire wellbeing. A holiday away is not just a treat but actually a way to give your mind a real rest.

Once you begin to see a vacation as part of leading a balanced life then it begins to make sense just how essential getaways are to your core happiness. Booking a luxury villa adds to this benefit by providing the perfect escape in an idyllic setting.

6. Cutting the risk of a heart attack: 

Not taking regular vacation time can increase the risk of heart attacks by over 30% in men and 50% in women according to research studies. The impact of stress, which leads to high cortisol levels, on the heart is well documented and a holiday can certainly reduce anxiety and everyday worries.

It is interesting that there is still a somewhat old-fashioned notion that a vacation is merely an indulgence whilst scientific studies seem to suggest otherwise. 

7. Energizing your whole being:

A vacation that leaves you feeling is counter-productive. One of the many incredible benefits of a luxury villa vacation is that is it designed to make your holiday experience not only enjoyable but relaxing and restorative. With incredible décor and facilities, high-end villas are perfectly designed to cater for every moment of your stay beautifully.

Taking an early morning or sunset dip, working out in a villa gym or practicing some yoga in a poolside sala, an upscale villa vacation recharges the batteries like no other stay.

8. Finding inspiration:

A stunning villa design and décor along with a spectacular destination can really open the mind and let creativity flow in. A gorgeous view can inspire and a wonderful experience can change your life.

Vacations are an exercise in mindfulness and living in the ‘now’ without focusing on the past or the future allows your creative self expression and to be able to fill in the details and color of your dreams. 

9. Stimulating your brain:

Lowering stress levels combats the risk of burning out and getaways enable the brain functions to become more finely tuned rather than being relentlessly pushed to perform. By getting off the rat run of demanding the same day-in-day-out thought patterns and processes from your brain you are actually allowing for new thoughts to take shape.

To fire the neurons more effectively the key is to disconnect first and refrain from being too plugged in during your break away. In other words, stimulation comes from switching off phones, turning the volume of your everyday life down, and letting new mental connections be made.

10. Making you fitter:

Water sports, adventures, sightseeing, and exploring; a vacation can be as active as it is relaxing. Trying out new activities, such as scuba diving and surfing, can reinvigorate your energy levels and inspire you to make changes in your lifestyle.

A vacation villa becomes your own private lifestyle retreat and affords the space and facilities to be active more easily. Many luxury villas have full gyms as well as wonderfully inviting infinity pools and other facilities from games rooms to tennis courts. 

Vacations promise the ideal break to address how you live your life and kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Start by finding the right villa that suits your needs. Browse our selection of luxury villa rentals here.