Picture yourself with friends or your family on a luxury vacation. Feel the sun on your skin, a gentle breeze in the air. Be aware of your environment and surroundings, the touch and scents of nature. See the colors and the small, finer details. Let your imagination run wild.


A home away from home

Imagine being able to do what you want, when you want, in a laid-back atmosphere. One where you can feel at home with. Where you can enjoy privacy and quality time with loved ones at the same time. You have space, comfort, and all the best facilities to make your vacation lifestyle a smooth experience.

Holidays together can sometimes mean sacrificing valuable ‘me’ time and compromising on space. But imagine a vacation where you can share enjoyable moments and memorable experiences with your traveling group while still being able to find a chance to be by yourself. That also means other members in your group being able to do and feel the same too.


Your private infinity pool

Take a refreshing dip and a few leisurely laps in your own private infinity pool to cool off, lounge under a parasol or lie on the beach with a page-turning novel before taking a nap with a mid-afternoon siesta. In a gorgeous natural setting, sip a refreshing sundowner at sunset with an incredible view after a brilliant day.


The beach just a few steps from your bedroom

Feel the warmth of stepping barefoot on soft sand on a sparkling white beach. Smell the salt of the sea and open your eyes to a green palm swaying softly against a cobalt blue sky as sparkling waters lap at the shore just a few steps from your bedroom. Is this your vision of a luxury vacation paradise? Can you see your happy family and friends having fun on the beach?


In-house entertainment for everyone

Do you want entertainment at hand with a game room for kids and the young at heart and perhaps a billiard table? What about a private cinema for movie nights or afternoon matinees? Perhaps you want to enjoy time in your outdoor lounge with a fully stocked bar after a game of mini golf, basketball or tennis?


5-star service from your dedicated staff

Imagine a break where you can relax in your own individual way and the promise of 5-star service with well-trained, dedicated staff that offers the best of both worlds; freedom and luxury. Perhaps you want quality service on hand when it suits you and someone to respond to your vacation needs in a professional, personable, and personalized way.


Your own private chef

How about a fine dining experience in an incredible setting? Picture yourself savoring a gourmet meal cooked to your individual specifications. How would you feel about having your own private chef create culinary delights especially for you and everyone else too?


Your dedicated personal concierge

Do you want to immerse yourself in the local culture or feel alive with water sports and some action-packed adventure? From island hopping to chartering a yacht, snorkeling and diving to jungle treks, with a help of a personal concierge who can open up a whole world of vacation possibilities. Imagine discovering and exploring beautiful places.


De-stress in your private spa

Indulge and de-stress in some wonderfully holistic treatments such as a full body massage. Imagine relaxing by the pool in the morning or taking a dip in the jacuzzi before stepping into your own private spa for a treatment? Could this be the ultimate treat to recharge your batteries? Vacation time is pure relaxation time.


Workout in your private gym

Do you sometimes overindulge on vacation or let your usual active life subside when you are away? Would a workout in your own fully equipped gym with a fantastic view, whether of natural green beauty or the ocean, be a pleasure rather than a chore?


Turn the dream into a reality

So, how do you turn your dream vacation into a reality? How can you relax into a luxurious stay with a personalized holiday that suits you and your family and friends? How can you find a stay away that feels wonderfully different yet still feels like home?

A private, luxury villa rental in a fantastic destination, be it in some of the villas in Thailand or some villas on the charming island of Bali, promises a beautiful escape; a unique stay that really fires up the imagination with special memories that last a lifetime. Watch the video below to keep that imagination alive!

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