Whilst the luxury villa rental market may be select and exclusive, the few properties that make the grade are in a highly competitive club. A gorgeously spacious vacation villa with an infinity pool in a stunning setting is not necessarily enough to attract the crème de la crème of holidaymakers.

By defining what your villa USPs are, its unique selling points, you can identify what aspects of your villa to promote in the rental market. To do so, consider every element of your villa and highlight what really makes it stand out.


View, setting, and location

How spectacular is the vista from your villa and how is the villa designed to showcase that view? Is your villa surrounded by tropical rainforest, right on a stunning coastline or overlooking a beautiful beach? Is your villa in an upmarket enclave or close to a popular area?

Architecture, design, and style

Some luxury villas are incredible modernist structures of minimalist design, others incorporate indigenous materials and style. High ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows, creative lighting, and high-end design can give a villa a strong identity. Furnishings and decoration can elevate a villa to the luxury market and create a chic, glamorous, and sophisticated space.


Layout, space and, size

The way each living space is connected really gives a villa its energy and ambience. Rooms that are separated or feature a different layout can create privacy and interest. The way that rooms flow as you walk through the villa, and out into the grounds, determines the type of vacation lifestyle your villa inspires and the overall vibe of your villa. Does your villa say wide open spaces, outdoor living, and natural beauty? Or is your villa a hidden retreat and a hideaway oasis? Be clear about the size of the villa and each room, as well as the outdoor space and the plot size.


Activities, entertainment, and attractions

Think sport, exercise, and fun. What is there to do at your villa? Do you have a gym or a spa? What about a games room or cinema? How well-equipped are these parts of the villa and what makes them a cut-above? A gym can range from a room with a few workout machines to the very latest in cardio equipment with an amazing view. Highlighting local attractions is worthwhile too or any things to do close by.

Staff, services, and extras

In-villa chefs and housekeeping may be de rigueur, but if your chef has worked at a Michelin restaurant or your concierge has a background in some of the best hotels in the world, then this is worth highlighting. What else do you offer? Is there a car and chauffeur available, a helipad or other villa staff such as a yoga instructor or spa therapist?


Pool, garden, and outdoor spaces

Luxury villa holidays, particularly in sunny destinations such as Thailand and Bali, are just as much about the outdoors as the indoors. Lawns can really add a touch of class to a villa property. Salas, terraces, and outdoor dining areas are essential to focus on, as are gardens that add shade and poolside lounge, bar, and sun lounger areas.


Bedrooms, lounge, and dining room

Luxury villa holidaymakers want to know where they are sleeping, eating, and relaxing. Do the rooms have en suites? If so, then what makes them special. Think Italian bathrooms, rain showers, and deep bathtubs with a view or some other luxury element. What about balconies and outdoor terraces? Is the lounge a real space to chill out in or a center piece to the villa? What makes the dining space special? Is al fresco dining available? How do these spaces connect?

Cutting edge technology and gadgets

Surround sound, smart, flatscreen TVs, and docking stations, as well as a big, cinema style projector; tech can really lift your villa’s luxury listing. Clever lighting, a kitchen of wizardry equipment, and gaming gadgets can all add a sleek, smooth operator character to a villa. Luxury does not have to mean the latest tech advances, but these upgrade the whole package.


Quirky, interesting, and unique features

If you had to list three standout features of your villa, what would they be? One might be a showy piece of design or a small detail, a brand name or a quality about the outdoor space. Go through the fine points of each part of your villa and write down those aspects that are worthy of note. Now condense this list to identify your villa’s finer features.


Finally, look at what else is on the luxury market in terms of villa rentals and compare and contrast. Keeping in mind who you envisage would enjoy your villa, be it family groups with kids or romantic couples, can also help focus your USP radar. Follow these 8 simple steps on how to promote your villa to get more bookings.

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