Traditionally, vacations have been a time to let go, do nothing and indulge in treats you usually deny yourself. These days, however, luxury is not necessarily about pampering and excess, but about time, space, and wellbeing – a chance to relax and reset, cleanse and energize. Getting away from it all means escaping not just your everyday hectic existence but having the opportunity to detox too.

What better setting than a luxury villa rental in a gorgeous location? Southeast Asia is gifted with retreat destinations that boast incredible private properties promising magnificent features and views. Browse some of the finest collection of private villa rentals here.

Moving forward, here are six types of detox you can do during a villa holiday:


1. Tech Detox

If being without your smartphone for a whole vacation leaves you in a cold sweat then this could be a sign you need to cut down your dependence on your digital friend. If you cannot fully disconnect, then limit your time online and turn off devices when you are able. Do you need to constantly connect with, check and update social media? If you need to send a few essential emails or catch up on a quick Skype call then so be it but once these practical tasks are done do not be tempted to browse as you lounge in the sun.


2. Entertainment Detox

Music, movies, and games can be an enjoyable way to unwind in your own private villa especially if the villa features fully equipped private cinema and game rooms. However, if you are looking for a detox break then you want to cut down your screen time and on filling rooms with incessant noise. Listen to the silence, it is golden.

Look at wonderful views from your Balinese or Thai villa. Read a book, talk with your holiday companions, and cook a delicious meal. Switch off and find something more interesting to do. You can reconnect with yourself and rediscover your interests this way.


3. Diet Detox

Many detox programs involve a strict menu. However, it is important that you do not try to be too extreme, especially without medical advice. If you could do with improving your diet then a detox may involve reducing your sugar, fat, and sodium intake.

A personal in-villa chef is your perfect detox ally and can prepare a special diet for you with advance notice. With wonderful salads, grilled fish, lean meats and locally sourced healthy delicacies you can dine on an array of appetizing dishes that are also good for you. Add in superfoods such as blueberries for a real immune system boost and wake to a fresh vegetable and fruit juice smoothie.


4. Time Detox

It is easy to rush around filling time. You may find that you are constantly busy with work, social, and family demands. It could be that you are so used to not having time to simply ‘be’ and that you balk at the idea of free time and quickly find things to do to fill the space. It may sound strange but it is easy to feel at a loss when you suddenly have extra time to play with.

Take time to give yourself time and do… absolutely nothing. Rather than being a waste of time you are creating space for your mind to unwind and giving your creativity and thoughts room to stretch and breath. A time detox with some meditation or simply quiet time sitting in a tranquil setting can really inspire and fire the imagination and leave you feeling alert and sharper minded.


5. Activities Detox

Yoga, swimming, and exercise keep your body supple and help your digestion and keep your energy levels buoyant. What you want to cut out is wearing yourself out with repetitive activities or excessive exercise. The aim of the detox holiday is light, effective movement that improves balance and mobility without putting too much strain on your body.

Cutting out bad habits and activities that are causing harm can be addressed during your villa vacation too. Book a private yoga session at your villa, take a dip in the pool and start the day with a workout session. If you lounge too much your body may become stiff and you may feel more tired than when you arrived.


6. Stress Detox

Being in Bali or by the beach in Phuket or the stunning island of Samui in Thailand, is inspiration enough to wake up feeling positive each day of your villa holiday. To eliminate stress, really make the most of the comfort and ease of your luxury villa lifestyle. Take a walk along the beach, recline on a lounger on a sun terrace for the day, and relax with an afternoon siesta on a daybed.

From a nourishing soak in a deep tub to a refreshing rain shower before sinking into an oversized sofa and soft bed, experience the quality and comfort your villa affords. Let your villa in the sun work its stress detox magic. Treat yourself to an in-villa spa aromatherapy oil massage to inspire wellbeing, relax ,and revitalize the senses too.


A villa detox escape can range from a healthy, laidback holiday of total relaxation to a more intense program to reach a specific health or diet goal with a focus on changing your lifestyle beyond your luxury villa stay.