In 2015, Thailand’s tourism industry hit its highest record ever, with 29.8 million visitors entering the country for travel and business opportunities. This number is a 20% increase from the number of tourists in 2014, and the total revenue of 1.4 trillion Baht is a 23% from the previous year.

These statistics are an indication of Thailand as the premier travel destination in the world, attracting droves of international tourists.

In 2016, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is spearheading a new global marketing campaign, aimed at shifting the emphasis from mass tourism to quality travel experiences.

Currently, the country is already enjoying the largest number of international tourists, but the tourism industry plans to position Thailand as a quality leisure destination.

With the theme: “Quality Leisure Destination through Thainess,” the TAT’s new tourism branding is aimed at enhancing traveler expenditure by enticing them to stay longer and to improve the overall quality of their traveler experiences.

According to TAT Governor Dr. Yutahasak Supasom, the time has arrived to realign their marketing strategy. A complete 360, goals of economic development include more job creation, income distribution, social integration, as well as an emphasis on environmental preservation.

The core marketing slogan for Thailand’s tourism industry is “Amazing Thailand,” which is a well-established campaign that has continued to bring success to the industry. Putting a spotlight on the uniqueness of Thai culture and traditions; the country’s extraordinary natural beauty; the simple ways of life; charming attractions; and the warm and welcoming spirit of Thailand, the slogan indeed embraces what the entire nation is all about.

In line with the new plans for global marketing strategies are the regional value propositions. There are 5 major regions in the country, each consisting of their own unique offerings. The branding for each region states as follows:

– North: A Million Inspirations and a Thousand Charms

– Northeast: Spicy Isan

– Central: Happiness Within Reach

– East: Simply Colorful

– South: Wonderful Hideaway

Each of these branding strategies underlines the extraordinary assets of each of these regions while enticing tourists to visit them in accordance to their unique offerings.

TAT’s 2016 campaign is a long-term marketing strategy, with the aim of completing its transition within the next 3 years. And with the launching of this new global marketing campaign comes the new look of the “Amazing Thailand” logo.

The logo is a well-known image of Thailand, and with the new design, it comes as a breath of fresh air to TAT’s committed desire for quality leisure experiences.

The new logo incorporates the most well-known trait of the people of Thailand, and that is the smile. Also known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand’s new logo include the traditional Thai Kanok pattern purposely placed to create a smile.
The color pink symbolizes the lotus and that of silk while also representing friendship, fun, and vibrancy. The color yellow symbolizes happiness and prosperity, and the pink/yellow gradient represents the variety of experiences every tourist can expect during their stay in the country.