Vacations are something to look forward to, however, most employees, entrepreneurs, and even CEO’s of major corporations rarely take advantage of their opportunities to relax and unwind. The ill effects of not taking a holiday have been well documented. Among these include fatigue, mental block, burn-out, poor morale, low productivity, and even heart problems.

So why should you take a holiday? Here are the specific reasons why:

The Benefits of Taking a Vacation for Employees

  • A lifestyle of stress leads to chronic diseases such as coronary artery disease and diabetes. When employees take a vacation, their bodies are replenished, which leads to lower blood pressure levels and can improve positive emotional levels.
  • The human body is not made for continuous stress and the longer it is exposed to a heightened sense of mental and physical pressure, the more prone it is to health problems.
  • Most employees do not take vacations because it’s either they fear the pile of work that’s stacked up once they return, or they believe no one else can do their job for them.
  • What most employees don’t realize is that their productivity and creativity are actually enhanced when they take the time to get away from work. In fact, workers even get their best ideas when they’re away from the job – when there is no pressure to respond to a deadline or to a crisis.
  • When your brain cells are refreshed, you become more creative, more motivated, and more innovative. Not only is taking a holiday good for your health, it’s beneficial for the company, too.

The Benefits of Taking a Vacation for Bosses

  • The CEO, President, or head of a company must be on top of everything at all times – which makes taking a vacation so difficult for these leaders. However, just like employees, bosses need to take vacations, too.
  • Aside from the obvious health benefits of going on a holiday, vacations help to build strong family relationships especially for CEO’s who rarely have time for their families. Going to another country or destination with your family creates bonding time that produces sentimental memories of good times spent together.
  • Bosses who vacation are also a great example to their employees, showing the workers the importance of balancing work and play. When bosses step away from their job for a few days, it shows that they trust their employees’ abilities to run the business or the company without them. This creates trust and builds morale for the employees.

Where to Go?

Depending on what you want to do or your way of relaxation, there are many places in the world where you can go for a holiday or retreat. Maybe you love the mountain and the snow and go skiing on the French Alps? Or perhaps the sun and the beach on a tropical destination like Hawaii, The Caribbean, Greece, South of France, and in Asia such as Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia. Check out this Top 10 Wellness Retreats in the World for more ideas.


Most workers or bosses dread the thought of taking a vacation because of their endless list of tasks and deadlines. But what most people don’t know is that continued stress is actually counter productive. When you’re overworked, stress starts to affect your health, relationships, and even productivity.

A holiday refreshes the mind and body, and leads to a renewed sense of purpose and a motivation to work harder. So the next time your boss tells you to take a holiday, use your vacation leave! And if you’re the boss, take some time off with your family and take them to a beautiful tropical island for the weekend!

Enjoy better health, better relationships, and better productivity by going on your much deserved holiday vacation.

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