Travelers who are looking for luxury villas to rent in Phuket have plenty of options to choose from. They also don’t have nearly enough time to sort through all of the ads and marketing gimmicks competing for their attention. To cut through the noise and attract the customers you really want to be booking your villa, you will need a marketing strategy which grabs the attention and delights the senses.

Identify the Strengths of Your Villa

With no shortage of competitors, the key to a quality villa marketing strategy is identifying what sets the villa apart from the pack. What facilities the villa offer which are to be found almost nowhere else? Is it situated in a particularly special location, maybe only a short distance from key surrounding attractions? Perhaps you can offer unrivaled services of hospitality professionals, chefs, spa therapists, and so on. Or maybe you lay claim to the most striking architecture, the largest villa, or the most secluded hideaway.

Whatever it is that distinguishes your villa, take great pride in it. Flaunt it in advertisements and allow yourself to rise above the crowd as a villa of distinction.

Must Do Strategies

– Have a Logo for Branding

– Write compelling accurate description of your villa

– Have a professionally designed website

– Optimize your website for the search engine

– Be active on social media

– Engage in paid advertising

– Post blog about your villa and local area

– Have professional photos and videos done

Finding the Right Agents to Work With

Almost every villa owner employs various agents for marketing, promoting and even booking their villas. To successfully market your villa, it is essential to find agents who you can work with productively and effectively. Establishing trust and working, mutually beneficial professional relationships with agents will lead to the success of your business and theirs, letting you grow together to reach your goals.

Whenever you begin working with a new agent, treat them as your new long term business partner. You want to establish trust, transparency, and highly effective communications to make sure everyone is on the same page and getting the job done right.

Do-it-yourself or Hire a Company?

When it comes time to gear up your marketing campaign, you might think you could probably handle it yourself. Maybe you’ve had some first hand experience with marketing companies and got a handle on the techniques, or did your own research. While the skills behind marketing and promoting are definitely something most people could easily learn to handle themselves, there is a bit of foreknowledge and hands-on experience which can be exceptionally helpful.

A luxury villa marketing company often has much more time and resources to expend on the specific business of marketing your villa. Marketing can be a job in itself, and if saddled along with the normal duties of caring for a villa could be a bit of a burden.

However, if you feel confident in your business and are knowledgeable about marketing techniques, it might be worth giving it a shot on your own.