During your holiday, when it comes down to having your meals, it’s always important to be mindful of the food you eat. Make sure they are not just tasty and appealing to the eye but also healthy to the body. When you are having a great time with family and friends, it may be easy to disregard your healthy diet. So here are some of the the best healthy eating tips to adopt during your vacation:

Never Skip Breakfast

Make sure that your breakfast is both filling and healthy. Examples of healthy and filling breakfast options to try include oats porridge, multi grain bread, scrambled eggs, poached eggs or sugar free muesli among others. In case you don’t have so much time for a sit-down breakfast, take a banana with you. This will keep you fill for quite some time.

Avoid Processed Foods

At all costs, avoid eating processed foods. Instead, opt for wholesome foods, ideally ones that contain high amounts of fiber and low amounts of sugar. This is not only because processed foods are unhealthy and play a major role in weight gain, but also because they can make you sickly during your travels.

Have Early Dinner

Try as much as possible to not eat after 9.00 pm. This is because late night eating or snacking can cause heartburn and acid reflux and, may negatively impact on your sleeping patterns. However, if you find yourself feeling hungry past 9.00pm, opt for either a small bowl of cereal or, a handful of nuts.

Take Smaller Meals

Instead of eating one to three large meals in a day, opt for smaller and more frequent meals. You can have these spread out all through the day. Eating smaller meals throughout the day helps in stabilizing one’s blood sugar and also reduces one’s need to overeat.

Reduce Carb Intake, Eat More Vegetables

Try as much as possible to cut down on your carb intake, more so on noodles and rice. Instead, have them supplemented with a good amount of fruits, vegetables and salads.

Drink Plenty of Water

In case you find drinking plain water too boring, you can have it infused with a slice of apple, strawberry or lemon, to add some taste and flavor.

Chocolates, Cookies and Brownies

If you like chocolates, opt for the dark ones – the ones with at least 50% cocoa content. These kinds of chocolate are highly nutritious. It also helps improve brain function, helps protect the skin against the sun’s harsh UV rays and helps in improving one’s blood flow. If you must have cookies and brownies, first, cut one in quarters. Then, take two of these quarters and eat them slowly while savoring their aroma, flavor and texture. The remaining two can be stashed for another day.

Nibble on Nuts

Examples of highly recommended nuts to nibble on include peanuts, cashew nuts and almonds.

CONCLUSION: Having a healthy diet is one thing, but your over-all lifestyle also affects your health. No matter what, do not forget to exercise, take a morning walk, run on the beach, go to the gym, or do some yoga and meditation.