If you’re packing your bags for your next adventure or relaxing get away, there are a few apps you might want to consider taking along for the journey as well. Helping you navigate unfamiliar locations, make plans, find exciting activities and locations and much more, a mobile device can be your handheld expert travel companion for any destination.

Let’s take a look at our roundup of the five best apps which you simply must have whenever traveling to another country.

#1 Google Maps

As one of the foremost sources of modern digital maps, Google Maps has a huge host of features for travelers. Easily find your way to just about anywhere with its detailed directions and routes. Google Maps can direct you the best routes via car, foot, or even look for available public transit services. Armed with Google Maps, you are only a search away from discovering all of the best nearby attractions: restaurants, spas, activities, tourist opportunities and much, much more is all displayed seamlessly on the map. Click to read reviews and first hand experiences of different locations from fellow users, plot your days activities out with a visual map, even take a sneak peak of locations with the immersive 3D Maps. Download Google Map

#2 Weather+

You can’t always account for the weather – but you can try! While an untimely rain storm might spoil your day at the beach, it is much less likely you’ll get stuck in the rain with the help of Weather+. At a glance, the app allows you to see forecast conditions for days from any location across the globe. With a beautiful and eye catching interface, Weather+ clearly displays all the need-to-know weather info to let you make better plans and avoid having your trip spoiled by unfortunate weather. Download Weather+

#3 XE Currency

Keeping track of your funds can be difficult enough in an everyday scenario, but when you have to constantly account for fluctuating exchange rates and make constant mental conversions it can be exceptionally tedious. XE Currency makes sure you never get lost in the currency exchange by keeping a constant view of live currency exchange rates. Easily calculate prices and conversion rates by simply entering the numbers and the type of currencies. A must have for anyone traveling internationally. Download XE Currency

#4 World Clock

The concept and the mathematics behind the timezone are easy enough to grasp when you’re sitting at home. But when you find yourself traveling internationally, leaving one time zone bound for another and wondering what time it is back home, you’ll probably find your mind a jumbled mess of jet lag and the time zone situation a little more perplexing. Fortunately, World Clock keeps you in synch with what time it is across the globe. Easily see what time it is back home, at your destination, or anywhere else around the world at a glance. Download World Clock

#5 Google Translate

Despite its best efforts, technology has yet to truly knock down the language barrier. But still, you might be surprised how useful something like Google Translate can be if you find yourself immersed in a foreign language. Though the translations aren’t perfect, it is often more than enough to get by and help you read road signs, menus, directions and other important information. Translation tools are also great at helping you learn more of the language through your own process of discovery. Download Google Translate

…And so much more!

This article hardly even scratches the surface of the many available travel apps and other handy tools that can help you along your way. Take a look at all the possibilities available to enhance your trip.

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