There are super elegant beach clubs and restaurants around Bali. Most of them are situated along the southern coast while others are located below the Bukit peninsula cliffs. These beach clubs have different styles, ranging from the Mediterranean style, while others sustain the local Bali style. Here are some of the top 10 best beach clubs in Bali;

#1 Ku De Ta

Located in Seminyak, one of the most popular beaches in Bali, is one of the common joints on the island. This beach club has a special layout. It has a major restaurant area, a special bar, a lawn at the center, which borders the beach front. At the beachfront, several events take place, and there is a special secluded loft for private moments. There is a sunset box that offers an excellent opportunity, where you can fully enjoy the crimson horizon. Ku De Ta has an in-house international DJ crew who always play a number of top albums. It is a one-stop chill-out and dining spot that has an elegant French type garden style at the beach side. Delicious Asian cuisine food, as well as European, the Mediterranean and Moroccan flavors are served at the place.

#2 Finn’s Beach Club

This is a section of the Semara Uluwatu, Ungasan, and it has the most elegant hidden beach on in Bali. There are waves around the area, which are swimmable, and on the shore is a sand carpet that stretches across 165m. It can be accessed via a funicular cliff ride that takes about 2 minutes to get down. The food and drinks at this place are super amazing. It has a semi-open kitchen that prepares pizzas, such as the king prawn pizza. Other than swimming and relaxing on the beach, snorkeling and kayaking (when the water is calm) are some of the many activities you can do in the beach club.

#3 Karma Beach Bali

This beach club is well known for its location, which is somewhat hidden. The place is basically known as Karma Beach. It is accessed through a unique, and fun ride down a cliff, and on reaching, you will be welcomed by a layer of blue sea and white sand. You will be required to pay an entrance fee, which makes it super exclusive. There is a kitchen that is located under a thatched bamboo roof that is raised. It is also open for beach picnics and a multiple of other water sports. There is a local oven that uses wood fire, and it makes elegant pizzas. The bar is loaded with top notch cold beer, champagne, and liquors.

#4 Potato Head Beach Club

This beach club is located near the W Retreat, which can be accessed from the Jalan Petitenget road. The beach club lets you enjoy top quality drinks, delicious food, and partying. It is located at the beach front, giving it an elegant display of the beach. For the party lovers, they will enjoy the local DJs work on the lawn, but for the international DJs, you will enjoy them at the oceanfront. Some of the top celebrities that have visited this place include M.I.A, Fat Boy Slim, the People, Foster and Marc Ronson.

#5 Cocoon Beach Club

This beach club has a center piece pool that is encircled by white sun loungers, and it is based on the Jalan Double Six tip. There are Asian fusions along with some Mediterranean cuisine, which are served with a chill out scene that is very classy, as you enjoy super elegant cocktails. There are sunset music hours every day, played by the DJs. Along with that, there are 2-for-1 cocktails as well as special beers. Some of the regular party highlights are Splash Sunday, where there is a gathering at the pool. In this event, there are some special cabanas, dancing and daybeds as the DJ play cool hits.

#6 Mozaic Beach Club

This beach club stretches the top notch dining scene of the Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique of Ubud. The extension reaches to the southern shores, and it has a super elegant coast. There is a romantic restaurant that is private, located in the northern side of the pool that is blue tiled. There is also a special jewelry shop that is found alongside the main dining room.

a beach club in bali

#7 Komune Beach Club

This is supposedly the only beach club that is located on the shores of the popular surf break in the eastern part of Bali. It is the most ideal place for the wave riders, and basically, any beach lover. There is a restaurant that offers super delicious foods, along with high quality drinks. The eating joint is a circular construction that resembles a giant mushroom that dappled with black canvas canopies. It has sofas that face the beach, placed on the elegant wooden deck. There are elegant evening sessions that feature a chill-out-music at the sunset, along with movie screening that are held every evening. During the weekdays, there are discounts of up to 50% on the drinks, which runs from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.

#8 Chiringuito El Kabron

This beach club has a free form infinity pool that is located at the core of it. They serve great foods, including traditional Spanish food, and other selections of the Mediterranean. A wood-fired section is available for grills and barbeques. You may want to grab your lunch at the beach club, which you would stay till dusk, or the special sunset. It has a special cocktail called Sex on the cliff, which is a jug of homegrown sangria.

#9 Jimbaran Beach Club

This one is located on the Jimbaran Bay sands, and it is located far from the sunset seafood cafes. It has a luxury dining room that is located after a shack bar. There is a raised lounge area as well. the food at this beach club is also super delicious, and there is plenty, in terms of taste and style. You can enjoy your lunch and dinner, as you enjoy the cool music played.

#10 Paon Beach Club

This is a great place for family and friends to meet. It comes with a beach side lawn, and a pool, which allows you to enjoy to the fullest. There is also a wooden deck, which gives you the elegant display of the beach. There is the special Sunday Market that runs as from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Here, there are various activities, allowing children to run, swim and lay, and many other activities.

Featured Image: Chiringuito El Kabron