Other than Phuket, there are other destinations found not far from the island that offer many other attractions and activities ranging from snorkeling, diving, deep-sea fishing, canoe trip, rock climbing and more. Here’s our list of recommendations:


#1 Snorkeling in Phi Phi Islands

Located just a few miles from Phuket and famous for its tranquil tropical beaches, steep cliffs rising from calm and clear seas coupled with shallow coral gardens, Phi Phi Islands are a perfect snorkeling destination. If you are a fan of swimming and deep-sea diving, then a visit to this amazing destination would be a memorable experience.


#2 Kayaking Adventure in Phang Nga Bay

Located not very far from Phuket Airport, this wonderful destination offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the mysterious world of the hongs. There is an extraordinary world isolated inside soaring karsts only accessed by sea canoes. This is a perfect environmentally friendly way to discover these unbelievable natural attractions and mysteries.


#3 Nature Adventure in Khao Lak

Popular for its beautiful clear water beaches, a visit to Khao Lak offers far more than that with lots of places to tour and things to do. This includes a glide down clear-water rivers on a bamboo raft where every bend in the river conceals a surprise. Tourists also get the chance to see tropical lizards, bathing water buffaloes and birds while enjoying the amazing tropical climate.


#4 Visit Khao Sok National Park

Located close to the Andaman Sea, the tropical rain forest within the park, filled with rich vegetation and limestone cliffs is home to multiple species of exotic animals. A canoe safari down the river paddled by an experienced guide while listening to the sound of the wildlife, watching for monkeys, birds and other forest creatures that you might just bump into around the bend is one of the most popular excursions here.


#5 Discover the Underwater Life of Coral Island

Lying just 15 minutes from Phuket’s southern Rawai Beach, Coral Island, characterized by a reef only a few meters from the beach is another perfect snorkeling destination especially for beginners. Coral gardens concealed by underwater boulders provide a habitat for a wide variety of fishes including damselfish, parrotfish, surgeonfish, needlefish and a lot more.


#6 Diving in Similan Islands

Similan Islands have a lot more to offer for lovers of scuba diving. In fact, it is rated among the top ten diving destinations globally. This incredible group of islands offers drop-offs, drift diving, coral gardens and a wide variety of sea fish. Visitors can take a liveaboard dive cruise for four to five days of spectacular diving around these stunning islands.


#7 Rock Climbing in Krabi

Krabi is a perfect rock climbing destination in Thailand. Although it is slightly distant from Phuket, this spectacular holiday destination offers a delightful getaway experience as it is characterized by stunning picturesque surrounded by pure white sandy beaches along clear waters. Rock climbing enthusiasts can visit Railay Beach, which has various climbing schools that provide equipment and instructions on how to climb the limestone sheer walls.


#8 Deep Sea Fishing at Racha Islands

Whether you are looking for the thrill of big game fishing or you just want to savor a day out on the deep clear waters, you will love the experience of Racha Islands. Come across and catch sailfish, wahoo, dorado (mahi-mahi), Longtail, and Kawa Kawa Tuna, and more. All you have to do is to charter a boat or join a day trip from Phuket to explore these spectacular islands.


#9 Island Hopping by Chartered Yachts & Boats

By chartering a private yacht, you get the option to choose those remarkable snorkeling spots away from the masses and when the waves and water clarity are perfect. Fitted with all safety gadgets, the yachts in Phuket are cozy, super fast and can go to almost every destination around the nearby islands in just a short ride. These yachts and boats are suitable for families or a group of friends who are looking to relax and savor a day out in the sea while being looked after by a hospitable crew.