Cape Yamu is found on the east coast of Phuket, Thailand, an ultra luxurious private peninsula dotted with the best luxury villas and homes, surrounded with breathtaking views of the ocean and wonderful scenery of the Phang Nga Bay which is a world renown marine spot. There are three outstanding developments in the area: The Cape, The Bay, and Point Yamu. Cape Yamu caters to those who are looking for sophistication and enjoys maximum privacy while indulging in a world of luxury.

The Bay

Consists of luxury homes designed by KplusK of Hong Kong, these modern houses play with the natural resource that is light and at times have an illusion that they have no walls and that they are just cubes of shades and brightness. Their huge glass windows bring them in touch with the outside environment. The architects state that in their design there is harmony among the sea, sun and the sky. The space of the villa’s interior range from 253 to 470 square meters with the external areas as big as 460 square meters, which makes to total land plot of up to 1,900 square meters. Some of the properties in the estate have views of the sea to both the north and south, which means sunrise and sunset can be both enjoyed. Villa Kalipay, a 5-bedroom villa, and one of our finest luxury villa rentals in Phuket, is located in this estate.

The Cape

The Cape is comprised of 30 elegant mansions that are exclusive and spacious. Designed by the Gathy/Stark team, all of them are at waterfront locations. These luxury houses are unique because of their pavilions and steep roofs which pay homage to traditional Asia while at the same time being modern. The homes found at the bay are very desirous. They make use of exotic hardwoods, luxurious textiles and have wide views of the sea and the islands around. Each home has a swimming pool, reflective ponds and beautiful gardens. Residents and guests here have access to the clubhouse which has several amenities including a restaurant, bar, tennis court, fitness centre among many others. Villa Padma, a 4-bedroom luxury villa, is one of our favorite villas in this development.

Point Yamu

Point Yamu developed and managed by COMO hotels and resorts group, a luxury development consists of 109 well-designed rooms and 30 private villas. They have an enviable view of the cape and the Andaman Sea. There are several amenities including a huge swimming pool, a COMO Shambhala retreat consisting of 8 treatment rooms and a yoga studio. There is also an Italian and Thai restaurant featuring healthy cuisine. Paola Navone who is a very talented designer did the interior decor. Point Yamu will be a viable prospect to Asia-based guests coming for a short stay and also to long stay guests seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Featured image: Villa Padma