Top 3 Temples to Visit in Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is a magical place and is one of the top tourist destinations in Thailand due to its magnificent beauty and tropical island environment. Among the many features that attract millions of tourists other than the white sandy beaches, is the culture of the people and Buddhism is a cultural religion that is well nurtured in the island. Here are the top 3 beautiful temples you must visit when in Koh Samui:

Wat Plai Laem


The striking beauty of this temple is unmatched with many others around this place. It is located the Northeast coast of Samui, and one feature that attracts many here is the giant white 18-arm statue of Guanyin. Guanyin is believed to the goddess of love and protection. The temple is beautifully surrounded by a lake making it even a more tranquil place to be. Those who make offerings to the temple are each given a bag of food to feed the fish in that lake.

The entry doors to the temple are beautifully and creatively designed to give it a magnificent appearance. There is an elaborate ceremonial hall in this place. The temple is open to visitors all day during the daytime and it’s most active during the Chinese festivals.

Big Buddha Temple


This temple is located on a small rocky island Northeast corner of Koh Samui. The main attraction of this temple is its golden, 12-meter seated statue of Buddha. The statue can be seen clearly at a distance of several kilometers as you approach the temple. The position that the Buddha sits with is just incredible, and the whole design work will just carry your imagination away. Built in 1972, this temple has remained the central attraction feature on this island.

Around the base area of the giant statue are vendors who sell religious artifacts, amulets and other types of souvenirs that you can take home with you. Striking designs of dragons design the staircase up to where the Buddha sits. It is indeed a must-visit place in Samui.

Wat Khunaram Temple in Koh Samui



Not many people would love to come face to face with a dead man but this is the situation that you will find in Wat Khunaram temple. This temple has a mummy monk of an inspirational teacher who died, but his body is still there for display. This is the body of the Luong Pordang, a monk who died 30 years ago in a seated meditative position. The most surprising thing about this Mummy Monk is he show very little decay signs.

Apart from having this Mummy Monk, this is a typical Buddhist temple where locals come to pray and sell amulets and other Buddha artifacts.


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