Generally speaking, there are 3 different seasons when renting private luxury villas and vacation homes, which are low, high, and peak seasons. Low season is when normally the lowest rates are offered with lowest number of minimum stay requirement. On the other hand, Peak season is when the villas are in most high-demand, thus, pricing are also at its highest point. The months of the seasons depend on the local weather of where the villa is located. Below are general information that you should know about these 3 seasons if you are planning to rent a private villa for your holiday, and what they mean to you.


1. Peak Season

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2. Low Season

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3. High Season


Each villa may have a different terms and conditions with regard to the rates and minimum stay requirements. There are villas that would offer the same rate all year round, but would require a longer minimum stay even for the low season.

It’s critical that you review and understand the villa’s terms and conditions before booking. On our recent article, we posted 10 questions that you should ask yourself during a search for a luxury villa rental, to help you decide and find the best villa that suits your needs and requirements.