Luxury Villa rentals are privately owned luxury homes that are made available for short-term leasing especially for the purpose of holiday or vacation. Although with some similarities when it comes to hotel operations, luxury villas do not necessarily provide exactly the same services. For instance, how the food menu is prepared and how the food is served at the villa has a big difference in how hotels do it.


Prior to your arrival at the villa, the concierge or manager will contact you to arrange everything you need during your stay and this includes the preparation of food and if you have any special requirements. A menu will be provided and sent to you so you can already choose what you want to have on your first day. This will allow the villa staff to do the grocery shopping and prepare all the necessary ingredients and condiments for the cooking. However, should you choose to do the shopping yourself, this is also possible. The chef will still be at the villa to help you do the cooking.


Breakfast with coffee, orange juice, croissant, egg, vegetables, and fruits

Some villas include a daily breakfast but some do not. This entirely depends on the villa owners. Commonly offered is a continental breakfast that may include, cereals, yoghurt, fruits, toasts, coffee/tea, fruit juices, and more. A menu will also be provided. If anything that you require is not listed on the menu, it has to be ordered in advance to allow the staff to arrange for picking up the ingredients.


The best part of staying at the villa is you have the freedom to choose. The food is not fixated on what’s only available or listed on the menu. You can request anything you need, depending, of course, if the ingredients are available in the location where the villa is located. Otherwise, you may bring your own ingredients and condiments to have the food cook and taste exactly as you wish.

During your stay at the villa, a dedicated team of staff that includes a manager, chef, housekeeping, and a concierge will assist you in everything you need to make your stay a most enjoyable one. Other than the food preparation, should you require other activities for relaxation such as massages, a spa menu is also most likely available.

Talk to your dedicated concierge or manager in advance or prior to your arrival to have everything arranged accordingly and to avoid disappointments. This article may only be applicable to luxury villa rentals in Phuket, villas in Koh Samui, and Bali villas.