An important concept in any industry is “customer retention.” In laymans terms, customer retention is how often you get repeat customers returning. For the villa industry, the goal is to make every stay one of the most fantastic and first-rate experiences of the guests lives. Naturally, villa owners, villa management companies, agents, villa staff, and everyone else involved takes every imaginable measure to keep people returning to the varied tapestry of Shangri-La’s which make up the luxury villa market.

Below are some important tips on how you can go above and beyond to keep your valued guests coming back to our luxury holiday home rentals.

Always Be Available

Be available for contact at any time, to keep your customers satisfied. Whenever they want to make a booking, modify details of their trip, inquire about your services, availability, rates, or just to get a firsthand description, make sure to have a staff member ready to assist them regardless of the hour or time zone.

Keep Your Guests Informed

The key to a good relationship between any two parties is efficient and well understood communications. With this in mind, constantly inform your guests of anything they may need to know about their stay, the villa, the surrounding areas, the staff, activities they can do, etc. Transparency is highly regarded and a focal point when guests are shopping for a quality villa: the best have every detail proudly on display.

Welcome Them Like They Have Arrived Home

Luxury villas in many way resemble more familiar private residences, and it is an integral part of the villa experience that the guests be able to assume the residence as their own – their home away from home – for the duration of the stay. To this end, it is your goal and everyone involved in the process to make guests feel completely welcome, relaxed and at home from the first inquiry to the final checkout.

Keep Your Villa in Perfect Condition

A spotless villa is the pride of every owner, staff member, and agents. Ensure your live in staff of housekeepers, landscapers, and handymen clean the villa daily and review any signs of damage or issues for repair. Do not wait for the damages to add up before fixing them.

Provide Just The Right Amount of Attentiveness

All your guests need attention, but make sure to give only the right amount of it. Remember these people are on a holiday and mostly need quiet and relaxing time, not to mention privacy. Let them enjoy it and be of assistance only when needed and wanted.

Offer Some Complimentary Services

Returning guests to luxury villas deserve the recipient of a gift for their continued patronage. This usually takes the form of some complimentary services – which could range from an incredible culinary delight, free massages and spa days, dedicated butler service or any of the other many different services which luxury villas are renown for being equipped with.



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