Just a short drive from Phuket International Airport, is one of the best luxury villa in Phuket, Villa Torcello. Rising out of the immaculately landscaped surroundings of trees and beautiful tropical surrounding was the villa itself: three floors of incredible architectural achievement, inspiring the illusion that the entire villa is somehow floating just above the lush vegetation at its base.

The villa is designed in three tiers which make up the different levels of the building: the lower two levels form a U-shape with an elegant lily pond at their focal point, while the top level is the master suite, the home of incredible views and immense luxury. Many rooms are equipped with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, offering an inviting view whether you’re inside or out. In terms of architectural perspective, Villa Torcello can be looked at as a brilliant fusion of traditional Asian tropes (from a variety of cultures,) combined with the efficiency, minimalism and brilliance of modern practices. From the outside, Torcello is a gorgeous sight with its huge cathedral-esque timber roofing rising proud and stately above the meticulous landscaping and brilliant structure.

Torcello is carefully designed to make optimal use of space, to allow stunning panoramic views of the Andaman Sea and surrounding rain forest from every room, to allow for ease of access and moving around the villa, and to create a structure as functional as it is beautiful.


The upper terrace functions as an entrance to the villa, beautifully adorned with a well equipped outdoor seating area. The highlight of the terrace, besides the awesome view, is the Japanese-style koi pond which is well stocked with beautiful fish and water flora. I found watching the fish swim gently about quite relaxing and the terrace gave an awesome first impression after arriving at the villa. Quite beautiful, the terrace offers a certain immersion in the natural surroundings.

Just inside is the living area which can comfortably seat up to 14 people. The couches are incredibly plush and complemented by additional seating in the form of high-back arm chairs which are great for lounging. The decorations of the room is a simple display of refined art, pottery and statue pieces.


Quite well equipped, the kitchen features every state of the art device you need to prepare some brilliant cuisine, even if you’re cooking for a large party. With three gas stoves, a grill, a barbecue area, a massive fridge and much more, I’d be hard pressed to find a meal I couldn’t prepare in this huge, lovely kitchen. The kitchen also features a bar with some seating,

The formal dining area is truly gorgeous. It is sort of an outdoor pavilion with openings on each side. The openings can be closed via huge glass doors, or obscured with the long, elegant white drapes which can be opened or closed. Central in the pavilion is the beautiful round dining table, situated beneath an incredibly elegant chandelier. Table seats up to 10 people with a brilliant view of the sea and surrounding tropics.


This was definitely my favorite spot to hang out at Torcello. The sun deck is huge, optimally positioned to soak up the sun all day. The incredibly comfortable seating is plentiful, giving you all sorts of spots to relax poolside. Get a nice tan or stay cool with the help of the provided sunshades. Enjoy the lounge chairs, the plush outdoor couches, and the outdoor bar with seating for six.

Of course, the pool itself is quite something: a massive 25m infinity pool filled to the brim with stunning crystal clear waters. I quite enjoyed taking a dip in the pool, day or night. After the sun sets, the brilliant LED light show turns on to make the pool transform before your eyes in a stunning variety of colors and effects. Take a dip in the light show for total immersion in an aquatic world of color! For added visual effects, the pool also features an elegant waterfall cascading into its body.

On the level just above the pool, we find the jacuzzi, which can seat up to 8 people. A great place for relaxing (or romancing!) the jacuzzi was fantastic for unwinding and enjoying the hot, bubbly waters.


The master suite is truly incredible: the bed itself is a striking work of art: massive, four-postered, brilliantly white and beautifully clothed, the bed was incredibly inviting, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The master bathroom was equally impressive, with an in-floor jacuzzi tub, Italian showers, double vanities and some of the most beautiful interior design I have ever seen! To round off the master suite is a private deck with seating and a coffee table, commanding an incredible view of the sea.

One other room also features its own private balcony. Every room is equipped with a huge, brilliantly comfortable mattress, except one bedroom which is configured with two smaller beds. Every bedroom features its own private bathroom. In total, the villa has five bedrooms including the master suite.


The media room features everything you’d expect from a fully fledged home entertainment center: beautiful surround sound, huge 48 inch HDTV, modern gaming consoles, a desktop PC and incredibly comfortable seating to round it all off. A great place to stay up to date with your computing needs, to unwind in front of a favorite piece of cinema or to conquer digital foes in a video game adventure.

For those looking for a bit more analog fun, the games room features a beautiful pool table. For the little ones, there are plenty of childrens games, such as board games great for young and old alike.