Villa Chan Grajang is an ultra luxury villa with an enchanting view of Surin’s surrounding lush areas, breathtaking beach, and the ever wonderful Andaman sea. As soon as the villa made itself apparent, we all knew it will be an awesome stay. This incredible structure rose out of the tropics like a grand apex of opulent architecture – a dwelling which seeks to lavish its guests in only the finest of amenities, a place of excitement, relaxation, of wonder and romance. To recount in some detail, here are the finer aspects and what one might expect if making Villa Chan Grajang their home for a while.


Two infinity pools – one accompanying the main villa and the other situated next to the smaller “guest villa,” – made themselves the focal point of much of our activity while we lounged at the villa. The outdoor climate was beautiful, temperate, and never lacking in wondrous spectacles for the eye to feast upon. Whenever it got too hot a dip in the pool was all that was needed to cool off and refresh.


The dining areas are ornately decorated in the beautiful, elegant minimalism which defines most of the villas interior design. Equipped with long, sturdy tables, the dining areas are suitable to host quite sizable dinner parties, or smaller personal gatherings.

We found ourselves so enamored of the weather and the views around Surin that we took most of our meals in the outdoor dining area, which provides a beautiful connection to the surrounding natural wonders. The indoor dining area is great for quick snacks or if the weather outside is less than ideal.


Villa Chan has no shortage of plush places to recline and take a rest. But probably the most inviting of them all is the simple yet highly functional living area. Featuring a stunning view of the surroundings, plentiful extremely luxurious, comfortable furnishings and a central coffee table to gather around, the living area is ideal for relaxing with friends and family. Large enough to accommodate everyone, we found this space to be a great meeting place and a fun area to have some quality time. It is absolutely perfect as a go-to location after particularly fatiguing outings: a great place to relax and refresh.


Of course, when a couch is not quite enough, the bedrooms provide. And what incredible bedrooms they are! Featuring six bedrooms (two masters) with various sizes and configurations of beds, there is something for everyone at Villa Chan Grajang. Every bedroom features a beautiful sea view, and three of them include their own private decks.

The master suite was incredibly luxurious: massive super king size bed, private bathroom with double vanities and a beautiful tub and shower, huge HDTV, a gorgeous, commanding seaview, a massive walk-in closet and a host of fine details too long to list.


Villa Chan Grajang is more than adequately equipped with a fully modern, state of the art gym. The gym has quality exercise equipment covering a range of different exercises just enough to keep those muscles pumped and stretched. I found the presence of the gym quite a luxury for someone who likes to workout and be active like myself.


The games room features a TV, a dartboard, a selection of different board games, and a pool table. There is also a bar in the room. The entertainment room is equipped with a 50″ plasma TV, surround sound, cable TV and DVD/BluRay systems, this was a cinephiles dream room. We quite enjoyed lounging in the immensely comfortable seating.


In most places, the bathrooms probably wouldn’t be worth noticing much. But Villa Chan Grajang is exceptional in this regard as it is in every other. Every bathroom is elegantly furnished and finely detailed, not to mention fully equipped with the finest in showers and bathtubs.


The villa has ostensibly been designed to take in the utterly incredible surroundings in a way that will set off anyones fancy. From just about every part of the house there is a stunning ocean view, with the long expanses of beautiful tropical jungle which make up Surin stretching long and uncompromisingly to the sea. Truly a sight to behold, the view is only further accentuated in its glory by the design of Villa Chan Grajang, with the highest levels of the villa offering.