Villa Purissara epitomizes luxury living and opulence on the magnificent western coastline of Phuket. The 3,200 sqm property features captivating views of the Andaman Sea across significant areas of the sparkling villa, including the living room, bedrooms, and outdoor terrace.

Inside, Purissara’s overall motif boasts an intricate style of traditional Thai textile, artwork, and symbolism. The lovely elements, like the furnishing, amenities, and decor, add allure to the sparkling villa, making a stay in this tropical haven one to remember. 

An aerial photo of Villa Purissara in Kamala, Phuket

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However, what stands out among all the superficial facilities of Villa Purissara are the valuable services its staff consistently and happily provides. The one person leading the team at Purissara is Villa Manager Ying, who started as a bartender on a cruise ship coasting the seas of the Caribbean and Europe.

As Purissara’s Villa Manager for three years, VM Ying had much to say and share regarding his experiences maintaining the villa and welcoming various guests to its grounds. 

What are the differences between working on a cruise ship and a villa?

VM Ying: Cruise ships have about 3000 guests, while at villas, you only host one group of people at a time. So, it is a more intimate and personal service at the villa, meaning you can build a relationship with guests.

On cruise ships, you make a drink for a random guest and never meet them again. In the villa, you get to know the guests you serve and care for in a more meaningful level when they are with you. 

How about the difference between working in a hotel/resort and a villa?

VM Ying: It is totally different, as well. A villa is a home with a staff present to help you. In the villa, a chef makes food like you are part of the family. There is also privacy for guests, so we can offer massages anywhere they like. 

Tradional Thai art pieces adorn the private spa room of Villa Purissara

None of those things are available in a hotel or resort experience because besides the room, you share other amenities and staff with other guests. Hotels are suitable for businesses like meetings and conventions. If you want to relax, forget work, and have a memorable holiday, stay at a villa.  

As someone living in Phuket, can you recommend must-experience activities on the island?

VM Ying: I highly recommend boat trips to visit small islands nearby. You may also engage in cultural experiences by visiting the Big Buddha and other temples in Old Town Phuket. Of course, you may also stay in the villa, where you can enjoy the pool and other exlcusive amenities while we serve you with food and drinks

What is the best approach for high-end guests?

VM Ying: Details are important. I have to be really attentive to the details they provide and make them feel welcome. I make the very best effort to deliver what they want, and if it’s not possible, then I would offer the closest alternative.

I also encourage the villa team to be strong together. We have to be synced in providing the best service to high-end guests. 

In Villa Purissara, we receive a lot of family guests, and they enjoy a lot of walks on the beach, so we make sure we prepare that for them. Otherwise, we also offer a must-do experience: an evening BBQ dinner at the villa terrace with Thai-style charcoal-cooked meal. 

Villa Purissara’s outdoor dining deck

Some guests also enjoy staring and looking at the elephants on the nearby beach. 

What is your most memorable experience as a villa manager in Purissara?

VM Ying: A lot, so choosing just one is hard. Our guests are very memorable, we once had a guest who requested a magician at the villa, and they were so happy. The guests were sitting on the stairs with their kids, and they even asked for mocktails so the kids could also have a drink with them.

There was also a gay couple who loved to drink and asked for the bartender to mix drinks for them every day. They requested drinks like espresso martini and margarita. I really enjoyed their group because they made us feel like family.

One guest, his name is Omar, stayed at the Villa Purissara for ten nights. His group liked to eat all day. They were so happy with the food we prepared that they kept saying thank you after each meal. 

But the most challenging experience was with a guest who did not listen. They smoked in the villa and did not follow our rules. Despite everything, we still did our best to give them the kind of high-quality service every guest deserves. Difficult guests are part of the job and all in a day’s work. 

Dusk setting over Villa Purissara in Kamala, Phuket

Managing a villa like the sophisticated Villa Purissara will come with many challenges. However, our hardworking villa managers like Ying and VM Dej of Villa Anavaya and VM Aobb of Analaya are determined to provide guests memorable stays.

At the end of the day, being a villa manager becomes a rewarding job when they are met with appreciation and love from the guests they serve with the intention of making their vacation in Phuket their best one.

Villa Purissara is part of The Luxury Signature’s bespoke collections of luxury villa rentals in Phuket.