The art scene of Koh Samui has blossomed for decades now, with many pieces manifested through the inhabitant’s experiences of their environment and how it shaped them. This makes the art of Koh Samui a must-see if you have even a remote interest of art and the history of the island.

While exploring Koh Samui and its surrounding islands will treat you to some beautiful hidden gems, there are a number of institutions that encapsulate the rich history Samui has to provide.

Art Samui Museum

Possibly the most full-featured art gallery on the island, Art Samui is a fantastic establishment for those wanting to view a wide array of artworks. The gallery displays pieces that have shaped the Thai art scene.

Focusing on the fittingly named ‘Trick Art’, Art Samui proceeds to offer an extra dimension to their artistic enterprises. Many of the pieces exemplify a sort of optical illusion that can give you a better insight into the art itself. Furthering themselves from the typical art gallery, Art Samui promotes the idea of taking photos with the art, interacting with it in any way you see fit.

The museum’s works show the witticism and humor of the artists who made them, characteristics that make the exhibits a popular local attraction. Unlike a traditional gallery wherein visitors simply stare and admire, Art Samui presents a different approach which is entertaining and immersive. A visit to this place will surely leave you with an experience filled with laughter, and photos you just cannot wait to share.

The Modern Thai Art Gallery

Touted as the ‘first art gallery in Koh Samui’, 25 years of operation has seen the gallery portray all kinds of works by well-known artists in the scene, permeating work that has been formulated through the scenic locations of Samui, Pattaya, and Phuket. Contemporary Thai art and original Buddha-inspired faces are what the establishment specializes in.

Many of the works are available for purchase, with reproductions making up a large portion of the gallery’s operations. So if you see anything you like, perhaps you’d like to bring it back with you!

Chujai Art Gallery

Created by two artists dedicated to perfecting their craft, it does not get any more authentic than this. ‘Chu jai’ roughly means to hold a good heart, full of determination. This phrase describes the nature in which Chujai Art Gallery portrays itself. Fantastical, almost psychedelic paintings are up for show in this gallery, evoking a sense of wonder that is imbued in all who live on the island.

The two owners have amassed a generous collection of pieces from their years of experience in the profession. They live and breathe an independent and simple lifestyle, and that shows in the work on display in and around the establishment.
The artists of Koh Samui have produced some amazing pieces that represent how it is to live in such a remote location that enjoys wayward travelers year-round. I encourage any art lovers to partake in the many opportunities to view the candid art of Koh Samui.

Gallery La Fayette

Gallery La Fayette in Chaweng has established a reputation for its impressive reproductions and beautiful portraits. Having been present in Koh Samui’s art scene for more than 20 years, and having produced more than 9000 works, this boutique art hub now caters to collectors all over the world.

The gallery has a team of 7 artists using oil on canvas as the primary medium. If you are out to buy a piece or two, Gallery La Fayette is definitely a place to see. The selection of reproductions and original works feature a mix of modern themes, classic pieces, and subjects derived from the rich Thai culture. And of course, everything on display is for sale, offering you a chance to take home a piece of Samui’s locally honed talent.

Featured image courtesy of Chujai Art Gallery