The experience of staying at Villa Akatsuki is second to none. I was lucky enough to get a chance to be able to call Aktasuki home for a few days and nights. Just about every detail of the villa was superb, but below I’ve made a shortlist of some of my personal favorite highlights.


This is an intriguing bit of architecture: a semi-open room with soaring vaulted ceilings, beautifully furnished in a minimalist style. I found the atrium to be a compelling introduction to the villa and would later spend much time lounging on its plush couches while enjoying the serene ocean view. A great place to entertain, especially since it is right at the entrance – the atrium would be a fantastic place for a small to medium private party, event, or gathering.


There are three connecting swimming pools at Villa Akatsuki: the largest is a long rectangular infinity pool, situated on the beachside with the sweeping views of Koh Samui’s west coast. This is perfect for cooling off, doing serious swimming or just playing about. For the little ones, there is a shallow children’s pool located near the sala. Lastly, there is the reflecting pool: a true work of art. The undisturbed waters of the reflecting pool provide a stunning watery mirror reflecting the sky and features above. Right next to the pool are four reflective bronzed tanning beds, perfect for soaking up the sun and ergonomically shaped for optimal comfort. The pool area is absolutely an incredible place to relax.


In one of the several pavilions which make up the villa is the extremely elegant dining area. Beautifully furnished and elegantly decorated, the dining area also commands a stunning view of the surroundings, providing a wonderful view no matter which way the eyes are focused. I enjoyed a delicious assortment of brilliantly prepared cuisine in the dining area, thanks to the in-house chef and staff. They have a wide menu featuring dishes of pretty much any desired variety. Just a tip, if you need something that is not in the menu, you have to inform the staff in advance so they can buy the ingredients for you.


Also inside its own pavilion we find the living room. The living room is rather simply decorated with ultra-soft couches, perfect for reclining and relaxing. The open design allows for a cool sea breeze to pass through, immersing you in the beautiful tropical surroundings. A fantastic place to relax and to get a glimpse of the clever “tiered” design of Akatsuki’s three elegantly cascading pools.


The theatre room is the ultimate pavilion for movie buffs, or anyone who wants to relax with some passive entertainment. The main feature of the theatre room is the huge, crystal-clear 65″ HDTV. The screen delivers brilliant resolutions, stunning colors and a crisp image. Complemented by the ultimate surround sound setup, this is the ideal place to kick back and watch a flick on the ideally situated plush high back couches.

Also inside the theatre pavilion is a large table and chairs suitable for a business meeting, or presentation utilizing the huge screen.


This place really has everything – even a private, in-house spa. The spa is a truly lavish, luxurious treat for the body and mind. A great place to de-stress and achieve total relaxation while being pampered by professional spa therapists and masseurs. I highly enjoyed my visit to the spa and found the relaxing experience bolstered by my immersion in the lush tropical serene surroundings.


Akatsuki is constructed just adjacent to Lipa Noi beach. Lipa Noi is a brilliant, golden-sanded, utterly picturesque beach. Being just a short walk from the sea, it didn’t take me long before I found myself splashing in the gentle surf. This is a great place to swim, with fine sands forgiving on the feet and few rocks or coral to cut yourself on.


Although I didn’t use the kitchen much, opting for the opulence of the professional staff, there is a fully equipped kitchen. It is large enough to prepare sizable meals for parties of any size. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen tools, the kitchen has everything one would expect from a modern kitchen, plus a few special treats like the Japanese shaved ice cream maker and Illy coffee machine.


Last but not least are Villa Akatsuki’s five beautiful, luxurious suites. Each suite has its finer details, but they are all stunning examples of the same brilliant design and commitment to luxury which encompasses all of Akatsuki. Common to each suite is a private balcony, an ensuite bathroom, a wardrobe, entertainment center, and of course a huge luxury mattress.