Home to many of Indonesia’s Hindu minority, Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations among the islands in Indonesia. It also has many other names such as “the Island of Gods”, “Island of Peace”, and “Island of Love”. Bali is famous for its highly developed authentic arts, sculpture, painting, metal works, music, and the traditional and modern dances. The rich and unique culture of Balinese people sets the island apart from any other island destination. Since the 20th century, Bali’s number of tourism had risen. With its beautiful, stunning beaches spread over the island (white sand or black sand), you would not doubt why. This island also has the highest biodiversity of marine species in the Coral Triangle, with over 500 reef-building coral species that are in the area alone. Apart from that, it also has fantastic mountains, volcanoes, beautiful rice paddies, jungles, rivers, and many other natural wonders that any visitors would love. In terms of accommodations, there’s a wide selection of hotels & resorts and luxury villas for rent in Bali. Watch this video to discover more of Bali.

a taste of Balinese cuisine

A Taste of Balinese Cuisine

As may be expected from a volcanic island, Balinese cuisine serves up more than a little fire in your belly with its use of aromatic spices and chili peppers. However, the spices are tempered by fragrant herbs which give Balinese dishes their rich yet delicate taste. At the heart of many Balinese dishes is a […]

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Top Luxury Restaurants in Bali and Their Cuisine Specialty

Exquisitely romantic settings with a delight of gourmet dishes; incredible, world-class cuisine in extravagant, sophisticated eateries; when it comes to fine dining, Bali promises dynamic dining experiences with some incredible luxury restaurants to choose from.   Mozaic Where: Ubud Cuisine: French-inspired Style: Secret garden romance Set in a pretty garden courtyard, Mozaic, with its magical […]

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The Bali Barong Festival 2016

This year’s festival season in Bali starts with the spectacular Bali Barong Festival 2016, which is a series of events celebrating the mythical being that protects the island and its forests. The Barong is an ancient mythical creature that comes in 5 different shapes: the lion, the dragon, the serpent, the boar, and the tiger. […]

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8 Natural & Man-made Wonders in Bali

Bali is not just an island with amazing waves and deep blue ocean, but it also nurtures a tremendously diverse natural resources beyond one’s imagination – from the volcanic mountains, towering cliffs to the lush paddy fields. The Island of Gods is blessed with such abundance in rich, nature-laden resources. For our readers’ convenience, we […]

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10 Reasons Bali Should Be Your Next Destination

Bali can offer something for every traveler. A holiday on the island promises an eclectic mix of experiences: adventure and relaxation, socializing and spiritualism, breath-taking natural surroundings, and opulent luxury accommodations. Here are ten reasons why Bali should be your next destination: A Wide Array of Beaches Bali is considered by many travelers and holidaymakers […]

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Which Area to Stay in Bali

Bali is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations. This Indonesian island is famous for its bustling nightclubs, spectacular views of the mountains and volcanoes, rich artistic culture and, of course, the undeniably idyllic tropical beaches. Its tropical climate, ancient and mystical temples, and beautiful beaches draw travelers from around the globe. The island is […]

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Bali’s Hidden Beaches -- The Luxury Signature

Bali’s Hidden Beaches

Bali has always been a favorite destination of nature lovers and those who want to enjoy a romantic getaway. This is why it’s not unusual for Bali to be packed with tourists all year round. Apart from the popular tourist destinations Bali is known for, there are some places that remain seemingly unspoiled, hidden and […]

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Bali’s Most Breathtaking Viewpoints -- The Luxury Signature

Bali’s Most Breathtaking Viewpoints

There is much more to Bali than its beaches, temples, culture, bars and parties. Bali is also world renowned for its high cliffs, mountains and panoramic views across the Indian Ocean. Many of Bali’s best viewpoints include attractions such as restaurants and lounges or places of historical, cultural, and religious interest to explore. Here are […]

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The 9 Best Souvenirs to Bring Home from Bali

Bali is renowned for its markets and local crafts. A unique, handcrafted souvenir of your holiday is a perfect gift for loved ones or a way to treasure memories of that idyllic escape. In many places, travelers can watch souvenirs being crafted, try techniques themselves and learn about the cultural origins and symbolism of the […]

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10 Fun Facts About Bali Indonesia

10 Fun Facts About Bali, Indonesia

Bali is known as one of the most charming, exotic island destination. It has everything to offer from the pristine beaches to fascinating cultural lifestyle and attractions. To list all of the amazing things about this attractive island, will be endless. So to name a few, these are the selection of the ten fun facts […]

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